Monday, March 23, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

What a weekend in sports here in New England, well more on a national basis than anything. Finally the literal orgy of college basketball is on hiatus for a couple of days, giving us all time again to do things we should be doing like exercising, work, and not gambling. Boston College went out and laid a giant egg on Friday night in more than one sport. As you all know, I overestimated the ability of the Eagles, as Tyrese Rice who has been off and on all year, decided to take the entire tournament off. Fucker. To be honest though, there were alot of great games this weekend, probably the best being Duke and Texas. Coach K took the game, but my god how many chances did his team give Texas to come back?

In WBC news (I know I don't care either), the US was bounced out of the tournament last night by the Japanese. Roy Oswalt looked like shit, and Dice K did what Dice K does best. Which is throw 65 pitches in 3 innings, much to the shock of Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips. I watched about two innings of the game before I decided that my incoherent dreams where I hang out with FDR and Mo Vaughn would be more interesting than actually watching this game. Japan plays Korea tonight, but no one in America will know because more people will be watching Office reruns on TBS than the WBC.

The Bruins clinched the Northeast Division Title yesterday when they beat the Devils and Martin Brodeur 4-1. This might have been the biggest win for the Bruins all year, because not only did they beat Brodeur who was 8-2 since he returned, but they took down a Devils team that was gunning for the #1 seed in the East. The Bruins dominated the game from start to finish, which must make most B fans feel better especially after blowing the game against the Kings earlier in the week.

Finally the Celtics got Kevin Garnett back, and somehow beat the Spurs. No more wondering how the hell the Celtics are going to compete in the playoffs. Rondo is back, KG is back. Two words, fuck and yes.

Question for the Hysterics: Lots of sports this weekend. What was your favorite moment?


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Recchi to Ryder to Paul Martin's skate to start the scoring.

Or Kobasew's wraparound that got under Brodeur.

Or Lucic finally scoring.

College Baske-what?

andrew said...

My favorite part of the weekend was Kansas hitting their free throws down the stretch to cover the spread.

The A-Train said...

Villanova skull-fucking UCLA.

Fear the Big East, bitches!

The Syracuse win was great as well, but it's far more stressful to watch their games as I find myself yelling and screaming at Paul Harris "WHY AREN'T YOU GETTING IN HIS FACE, ALL HE DOES IS SHOOT THREES! HE'S NOT GOING TO DRIBBLE PAST YOU!"


Raquel said...

I masturbated to Patrick Sharp.


Boatdrinks said...

I am with A Train. I was watching the Sunday game with my Dad. He had approximately three heart attacks and two melt downs, making it a classic game by SU. The thing is, he is 82, so I worried a little he would actually kick it if they fucked up beyond repair.
But they didn't. Phew.
Go Devo , go Rautins. Jonny Flynn, you can't get into the lane with three monsters bigger than you there; please remember to kick it out to Devo or Rautins!!!!!

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I like that one shining moment where they reached for the sky.