Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

So around 9:30 I got home from class and turned on the Celtics game, which led to the following thoughts. Holy shit, when did the Celtics get so many white players? At this point I was utterly confused.

HZMLS: Smarty, who the fuck are all these guy playing for the Celtics?
SB: Let me see......I have no idea....Who is that guy?.....#18?

HZMLS and SB stare at TV for solid three minutes

SB & HZMLS: Ohhhhhhh the Celtics are in white....The guys in green are the Bulls!

So for your own notes, the Celtics were wearing home whites on the road, and Chicago was wearing Celtics away colors at home. Got that? The ass-backwards uniform colors had to be the reason the Celtics lost to the Bulls. Mikki Moore doesn't seem like a Rhoade Rhodes Scholar, and Stephen Marbury can't even read, so this colorful mind fuck must have caused numerous turnovers and bad plays. Also an injury to Leon Power has nothing to do with them losing.

Oh yeah, the US won a walk-off during the World Baseball Classic, but that game was on ESPN Deportes so I couldn't watch it. Not like I really wanted to, but the WBC has to get higher ratings than first round NIT games right? Come on now, I would much rather watch Youkilis play, than Luke Harangody vs UAB, or the fucking play-in game on ESPN.

Finally, I wanted to ask if any of our readers would want to play in a fantasy baseball league with a buy in of 25 bucks. We will draft online on Saturday at 5. Email me ( if you are interested, and I can let you know the money breakdown for winners, and more information.

[APNDR note: the aforementioned league is not the official Mass Hysteria Fantastical League of Bases-Ball, details of which will be sent to you soon if you have previously expressed an interest. This is an additional opportunity for you to feed HZMLS's gangrene-like gambling habit have fun with fantasy BB.]


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Also, Marty Brodeur broke the all-time wins record for NHL Goalies.

I mean, not Boston sports, but still notable. Like when Bonds broke the home run record, only with fewer steroids.

GHABB,Y~! said...

I find it hysterical that a BC grad misspelled "Rhodes Scholar."