Monday, March 16, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Welcome back to the World of Mass Hysteria Sports. The Celtics and Bruins both won 1 out of 2 this weekend, with solid wins, and terrible losses. What a weekend in sports, I hope you were all like me and glued yourself to the television. I swear I must have watched about 30 college basketball games this weekend, yet surprisingly managed to be rather productive. By far the best game of the weekend was Syracuse-UConn, which lasted 6 overtimes, of which I witnessed none, because the bar I was at didn't have the fucking game on. The worst, well Smarty may say it was URI's loss to Duquesne, but I might argue it was BC's stinging loss to Duke on Friday night. Fuck 1 point, and the best look they could got with 7 seconds left was a long three by Rakim Sanders. Then to watch every other team get their ass handed to them by Duke, made me realize that BC is better than everyone is giving them credit for (which if you are reading NCAA Tourney breakdowns it seems they have no chance against USC).

Unless you are living under a rock, you saw that the NCAA tournament brackets were announced. Not to brag, but following the "WHY MY TEAM DESERVES IT", I can be the only editor who can gloat, as both GHABBY's Florida and Smarty's URI Rams are both relegated to the NIT, or the tournament to determine the best second tier school in the country. BC on the other hand made it but got a tough draw, the Pac 10 champion USC Trojans, who ended the season on a tear. The Trojans are one of the vogue upset picks, but let me tell you all THEY ARE WRONG. True, they hit a bit of luck near the end of the season, but look at the rest of the results, THEY SUCKED. Before the Pac 10 tournament they had like 6 losses in a row, and only won the fucking Pac 10 tournament because they were playing on home court at the fucking Staples Center. But whatever, go ahead pick USC to beat BC, and I'll be the one laughing when they take out the Trojans and knock out Michigan State in the second round.

Think I'm retarded, or just a mindless BC homer? Then come kick my ass in yet ANOTHER Mass Hysteria fantasy sports related contest. Unfortunately with this one there is no promise of female flashing or compromising positions, but here is the deal. If you join and your bracket is better than mine, you will get the opportunity to become a one time contributor here on Mass Hysteria. I will create a post entitled "Boston College Blows Because..." and you and every other bracket who beats me will get your opportunity to slam them anyway you see fit. It's your opportunity to let the world know how much you hate assholes like myself and other Eagle alums. Information below!

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Gweemus said...

Once the brackets are visible, after locking on Thursday, you will immediate understand how little I know about college hoops.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...


I also know pretty much nothing about this, but hey, why not?

Raquel said...

Last year was the one year I deviated from my standard practice of going totally chalk with my brackets... and, as it turned out, that actually would have worked. Damn you, NCAA!

HZMLS said...


This is why the Secretary wins the office pool every year.

The A-Train said...

It's fucking on.

HZMLS: A wager that Syracuse makes it further than BC? I refuse to bet money as that's just lame.

ballamiguel said...

I know it's pretty much only me and Smarty who care but...

URI @ Niagara 7PM Tuesday in the NIT

Sucks that the MAAC will make the A-10 look even weaker...but I mean come on. I think Niagara would've beaten N'Eastern by 40.