Friday, March 6, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics: Fantasy Baseball Edition

Finally its Friday, it has been a long week here in Boston, with snow, NFL trades, college basketball, and the NHL trading deadline. Speaking of which, the Bruins slipped to 0-1 since the deadline dropping yesterdays game to the Coyotes 2-1. Boooo. Maybe Raquel's nightly previews are bad luck, but we can't blame the best writer on the site for one loss. The World Baseball Classic started the other day too, I think it was yesterday, I would look it up but like the rest of the world I DONT FUCKING CARE. The only outcome I want to see out of these exhibition games is a whole lot of Dustin Pedroia- DNP, Daisuke Matzusaka- DNP, please for the love that is holy have the US, Dominican and Japanese teams lose early. I don't want the Sox dragging by June.

To keep this short, MASS HYSTERIA ANNOUNCES THEIR 1ST ANNUAL "FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE" and we are asking you, the readers to join. If you are interested please send an email to me at the first dozen or so people that respond will be entered. If you remember the football league, being part of a league is a blast, that allows you to constantly shit talk all of the editors, and in most cases beat us. Jesus in the football league the MH editors were so bad that none of us even made the league playoffs. One quick note though, don't sign up if you are going to quit in June because you drafted ARod #1 and he is out the entire season with a herniated vulva . Why join a Mass Hysteria Sports Fantasy League? Because it will give answers to the questions: Will Raquel draft Jed Lowrie in the third round? Can SmartyBarrett resist drafting Rocco Baldelli? Should HZMLS draft Matt Ryan? So what are you waiting for? JOIN OUR LEAGUE NOW! Don't be the guy that makes the Straw cry!


Shaun said...

I know this isn't the right spot for this, but I'll say it anyways...fuck Xavier basketball. PUT RHODE ISLAND IN THE DANCE.

Raquel said...

Eh, maybe I'm a jinx. All I know is I got to sit behind the penalty box last night AND I GOT TO SEE WAYNE GRETZKY. LIVE. IN PERSON. ACROSS THE ICE FROM ME. I seriously almost started crying.

...then cried for real at the awful game I witnessed. Cried tears of salty nacho cheese.

HZMLS said...

10 dollar tears are the most painful.

SmartyBarrett said...