Friday, March 13, 2009

BC Takes Game of Epic Sucktitude, Duke Up Next

If you were one of the dozen or so who actually stayed up late to watch the BC-Virginia game last night, you probably saw a game so poorly played it would make the Big Ten blush. It was one of those games, where both teams play so shitty, that it's a shame both teams can't lose, and give their next opponent a bye. Look I am the biggest BC apologist out there (if you haven't learned that by now, click here), but when you shoot 22% in the first half you deserve to lose. When you make over 20 turnovers you deserve to lose, plain and simple. It just so happened the hundreds in attendance at the Georgia Dome (including Matty Ice teehee) watched Virginia sucked far harder. There was NO ONE at this game, in fact it was so quiet in the game, you could hear EVERYTHING that the coaches, refs and players were saying, which was probably the only redeeming part of this game.

Tyrese Rice was almost a complete non scoring factor in this game, instead giving up the ball to his teammates. Rakim Sanders was the fucking balls though, and this must kill SmartyBarrett every time he watches him play. Originally from Pawtucket RI, Sanders was recruited by URI alum Preston Murphy to play for Al Skinner, and last night he kicked ass dropping 25. Virginia on the other hand looked more like a the Peabody Middle School Traveling Team than an actual college basketball squad. They were called for what seemed like 10 traveling violations in the first half, and went huge stretches without scoring, and at one point were 2-8 from the FT line. Then when they finally remembered how to shoot a basketball, they couldn't play defense, and allowed BC to just dictate the game. Though BC won the game, I can't necessarily say we deserved it, but a win is a win.

Next on the docket, DUKIE BABY!!! I know many of you here either a) don't care about BC, or b) hate BC, but this is one of those lesser of two evil games. You have to root for the Eagles here, they are the underdog, a team that you know has more than two black players on their roster. There would be nothing more satisfying than watching Greg Paulus, Jon Scheyer, and Kyle "Aryan Nation" Singler on the sideline with that "DUKE FAIL LOOK" that we have all grown to love the past few years. What are you like 8th in the country, it'll be too bad when you lose to Chatanooga State in the 1st round of the tournament this year. You know what Duke, I said it before and I will say it again, BC is going to beat you tonight.


SmartyBarrett said...

URI is dead to me.

I don't care if they had Sanders on their team, they'd still find a way to lose.

Maybe an NIT run will dry my tears a bit, but I doubt it.

GHABB,Y~! said...

It's the University of Chattanooga dammit! (spoken from someone forced to fly to Chattanooga every few months because my parents made the insane decision to move there).

Boatdrinks said...

I am in the post SU / UConn fog. So, there were other games on?
Yes, I got hooked and watched the whole thing. I felt bad for all the players by the end, they were dying.
WVU / SU tonight: who says SU won't score 40?