Thursday, March 19, 2009

20 Wrestling Facts/Rumors I Believe True

In what I hope to be a regular series, today I shall reveal 20 wrestling facts and/or rumors I have heard from a reliable source. Obviously please regard these as nothing more than Rumors so I don't get my ass sued. I figured I should put my useless wrestling scandal knowledge to use, so this will hopefully be a regular series until I run out of shit. Also, I'm still slightly drunk: 1) Stone Cold Steve Austin got arrested for domestic violence after punching Debra McMichael in the face when they were married.

2) Austin's famous "Austin 3:16" line came only after HHH was punished by the WWF for fraternizing with the departing Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in the middle of the ring at Madison Square Garden (they all hugged after their matches), leading to HHH being dropped as the 1996 King of the Ring and Austin given the spot, where he gave the famous "Austin 3:16 says I just kicked your ass" line about Jake Roberts.

3) Jake Roberts recently whipped out his penis at an indy show while high as a kite. He has apparently done this more than once. He also refused to reunite with his daughter while filming "Beyond the Mat," choosing to do crack instead.

4) Macho Man Randy Savage is not welcome back in the WWE because he had sexual relations with a then-14-year-old Stephanie McMahon, causing him to be fired on the spot and never inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

5) Vince McMahon testified to doing steroids as recently as last year. He was also tried in 1992 for conspiracy to distribute steroids (a trial in which Hulk Hogan admitted to taking 'roids) but won the case after the prosecution could not prove that he dealt steroids on Long Island, where the case was tried.

6) Test, who died last week, dated Stacy Keibler, Stephanie McMahon and Kelly Kelly. No truth to the rumor that his penis will be cryogenically frozen.

7) Rick Rude's heart exploded after taking a combination of GHB and cocaine.

8) Steve Lombardi, aka the Brooklyn Brawler, is the longtime lover of WWE employee Pat Patterson.

9) The Iron Sheik was offered $100,000 by AWA promoter Verne Gagne to "shoot" (i.e. fight for real and not lose) on Hulk Hogan the night he lost the WWF belt to Hogan. He refused and Hogan began a nearly decade-long run as WWF champion.

10) Bill Watts was fired as WCW booker (head scriptwriter) after saying that he supported restaurant owners that refused to serve black people. Then-Turner employee Hank Aaron caught wind of the comment, and had Watts fired.

11) Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Iron Sheik were busted for cocaine possession in New Jersey after being pulled over by cops. They were "feuding" in storyline at the time, breaking down the walls of kayfabe (the unwritten storyline code of wrestling) for the first time for some wrestling fans.

12) New Jack was once a bounty hunter, and has four justifiable homicides on his record.

13) Bradshaw, aka JBL, used to soap guys up in the shower and threaten to rape them as an "introduction" to the WWE. This action apparently happened to Brian Christopher (Jerry Lawler's son) among others.

14) The Ultimate Warrior, who legally changed his last name to "Warrior," once stated that "queering doesn't make the world work" at a speech at UConn.

15) Ric Flair used to spend $60,000 per year on limousines alone, and each of his robes are worth $20,000 apiece.

16) Sid Vicious/Psycho Sid/Sid Justice once got into a legit fight with Brian Pillman, and got his ass kicked. Sid returned and attacked Pillman with a squeegee.

17) Sid also got into a fight with Arn Anderson, and attacked him with a pair of scissors. Anderson had more than 20 stab wounds on his body, and Sid was fired the next day.

18) Billy Jack Haynes worked as a drug mule after getting fired by the WWF in the 1980s.

19) Rob Van Dam is an avid pot smoker and has appeared on the cover of High Times.

20) Hawk from the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom used to take monkey steroids and was an inducted member of the Hells Angels prior to his death.


dAndy ManCandy said...

A wrestling post without mentioning the Bush Whackers is, well, uh a wrestling post, but damnit show the Bush Whackers some love!

boxcar willy said...

"and Hogan began a nearly decade-long run as WWF champion"

Hogan was champion for 4 years, that's not exactly near 'decade-long'.

And Iron Sheik is crazy as hell nowadays, so he'd probably "shoot" for free if he was asked.

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