Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh Duke, It Hurts Don't It?

Hi Duke, this is Boston College the team that hasn't beaten you since 1985. Well until last night. We have had some pretty close games, but still in the past you have been the superior team in every way. Well until last night. Your starting lineup of the Aryan Pure Blood Clan + Gerald Henderson have been lighting up the league, and the talks of a possible championship run were prominent on ESPN. Well until last night.

What happened? You had a 13 point lead going into the final minute of the first half, the announcing crew was droning on and on about how inferior BC was and how dominant DUKIE was playing? You were even getting calls all over the place, including a nauseating flop by Captain Intangibles Greg PPPPPAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUULLLUSSSSS. So everything was going your way, how did you blow it? Oh that's right your a soft team, that got out hustled, and out played for the entire second half of the ball game! And this wasn't all Tyrese Rice (though he did hit some big shots), you got beat by Rakim Sanders, Reggie Jackson, Joe Trapiani, and Tyler Roche. Yes Tyler Roche, the white kid, who before this game had no right to even be on this team, had more points than PAULUS and John Scheyer. Coach K, who has a court named after him, got out coached by Al Skinner, the same guy that gives Boston kids nightmares. Yeah snarl away.

But I have already spent enough time on your waste of a program. Oh screw it I can't resist. Please continue to build teams that are just good enough to be encrusted with Dick Vitale's splooge, get a high seed in the tourney, and then lose to Western Kentucky in the first round. And please continue to fill the NBA with marginal second round talent that never amount to anything. Is Sheldon Williams doing anything other than impregnating Candace Parker? For BC though, a tourney resume that includes "Key Wins: @UNC, Duke" will erase stupid mindnumbing losses to Harvard and St. Louis. Well my bracket will be fucked when I pick BC to beat Oklahoma, UCLA and UConn in the final four.

And to SmartyBarrett, sorry that sort of closes any chance that URI makes it without winning the A-10. But there is always the NIT right?


SmartyBarrett said...

Just remember, URI > St. Louis > BC > Duke AND Carolina.

And when we beat Dayton the at-large will be back in play.

nfsffw said...

I just hope BC doesn't have to play Harvard again.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Blog man, lets hope BC rides this high to the top.