Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hey Matt Cassel, Want to Play with Mike Vrabel Again? Good

After all the talk about Brady finally feeling healthy, you knew this day was going to come sooner or later. Matt Cassel was traded to the Chiefs today. With Free Agency starting, the sooner the Pats got rid of him, the quicker they could jump in on signing a Julius Peppers or find someone who can play in the secondary not named Deltha O'Neal. Am I the only person who sees the irony in Cassel being traded to the team that gave him the opportunity to play when they maimed Brady? With his new contract the least he could is buy Bernard Pollard a steak dinner.

How many more ex-Patriot players are going to join Pioli in KC? First Vrabel, then Cassel. It's pretty neat that Bill Belichick has now set up a "Patriots Central" in the KC Chiefs, and a "Patriots West" in the Denver Broncos. Belichick's diabolic scheme to take over the entire league is progessing as plan. Ex-cell-ent. But are either of these teams interested in taking Laurence Maroney off our hands? And how long will it be before Bill Polian riles up the rest of the league screaming charges of collusion against Belichick and Pioli? It does seem a little bizarre that two teams have made so many interrelated trades and moves over the span of two days.

But whatever, Cassel my boy, you were the shit this year. We had a very up and down relationship while you were here, and I apologize for royally ripping you at the beginning of the season. You proved me wrong, time and time again. Thanks for giving Pats fan a season we shall never forget, well unless you want to count that fucking game against the Steelers. Best of luck over in KC, and here is to hoping the label "Systems QB" thats been whispered around the league are untrue.

Kevin O'Connell, the terrified hopes of New England turn to you.


GHABB,Y~! said...

Wait so we traded our starting OLB and the league's most valuable trading chip for...a fucking second rounder? Really?

nfsffw said...

The fuck are they thinking? I will always think Cassel for Peppers straight up would have been a great trade for both teams.

Shaun said...

At least we cleared 14 and a half million dollars. I'll wait and see what we do with it and who we get at #34 before I decide who got the better of this transacton.

nfsffw said...

Julius Peppers would make me very happy, Shaun.

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