Thursday, February 26, 2009

Enormous Nose Tackle Still Much Faster Than Rich Eisen

BC Eagle Prospect and guaranteed first rounder BJ Raji is no lie like 350 pounds, yet he absolutely decimated NFL Network host Rich Eisen in a 40 yard dash. Using the magic of technology they put the two together and had them run, and Eisen got SMOKED. I can only imagine that right outside of the cameras vision is a Double Whopper with Cheese pulled on a string. Just kidding, please Mr. Raji don't eat me, I have so much life in front of me, and it was just an innocent joke. I mean jesus I just watched the video below, and I imagine that if you got your paws on me, you could launch my like a giant javelin, or even worse beat me like a rented mule. Christ I should have never made a joke about you, I've gotta get out of here. Find myself a new ID. From now on call me Ali Baba Hussein, and I am from the great country of the United Arab Emirates.


GHABB,Y~! said...

Raji must've heard the Mr. Hotdog song when he was running. CUZ HES A FATTY GIT IT?

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