Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drugs Are Bad MmmmKay?

Al Skinner: Thank you for calling me over Officer Barbrady, what seems to be the problem?
Officer Barbrady: Weellllll, one of your former players was having a rough night and we kind of had to take him in...

Al: Who was it this time. Did Jared Dudley get another white girl pregnant?

Barbrady: No, it was Sean Williams

Al: AGAIN???? Jesus Christ, I thought he was banned from stepping foot back on this campus

Barbrady: Technically he was, but he came back anyways. Said you invited him. Why did you invite him back after what he did to your team?

Al: Well, BC doesn't have many celebrities, and he wanted to come back to the Duke game so we figured, he could stay out of trouble for a little while right?

Barbrady: You would think so, but that definitely was not the case.

Al: What did he do?

Barbrady: He was really really really high. At first he became very angry, and then when I asked him to sign his name on the warning slips he wrote "Fuck You" on all of them. We were going to pepper spray him, but he finally calmed down enough for us to arrest him.

Al: (Sighs) Where is he?

Barbrady: He's in a cell, you can take him if you want to....
Sean Williams: Hey, you wanna get high?

Al: No I don't want to get high Sean, you're a freaking mess. First you get kicked out of BC, which you know wasn't my decision, goddamn Catholics and their morals. Second, you have the ability to be an NBA All Star, but now you are wasting away in the D-League....All because you love getting high

Sean: Coach, you got any Funions? Or Cheetos, man I'm starvin'.

Al: NO SEAN! I do not, I can't spend the rest of my life baby sitting you, THAT SHOULD BE LAWRENCE FRANKS JOB!

Sean Williams: Don't worry Coach Skinner I know I did wrong, and I realize now that I have to fix this.

Al: Really Sean, what are you going to do?

Sean: Well....I.....I think maybe I could....DAMN IT I CAN'T DO IT. Well first I'll just get a little high

Well what are you going to do about this?

Sean: About what?

Al: You're the worst basketball player ever....

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GHABB,Y~! said...

Skinner's just happy he didn't rape any white girls or jump out any windows.