Thursday, February 19, 2009

Breakfast With the Hysterics

*None of the Boston teams played last night, though the Sox did have their first full-squad workouts in Fort Myers yesterday. Of some concern was the fact that Jon Papelbon admitted that he "was starting to break down" come playoff time last year. When a 27-year old with only 69 1/3 regular season innings is starting to break down, especially one that was notoriously babied and kept on pitch counts in the minors, things are, to say the least, worrisome. It's not like Paps threw an exceptional amount of innings for a high-level closer (all of the top five last year in saves threw between 67 and 70 regular season innings), and last year was only his fourth year of big league service. If Paps can't be at full strength come playoff time at the age of 27, what will happen in coming years?

*Today is NBA trading deadline day, but don't expect the Celtics to be involved, even with the trade of Sam Cassell and the loss (yay!) of Tony Allen. The disadvantage to having three high-priced and awesome stars locked up is that there isn't much in the way of tradeable assets, so it's not really possible for the C's in a salary capped league to add a Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson or Kirk Hinrich, who are just three of the names you may see moved today. One possibility for the C's: now that the Tyson Chandler trade has been cancelled, the Thunder may end up buying out former No. 1 pick Joe Smith, who has stated publicly that he'd like to play in Boston. Smith isn't a world-beater, but he brings more to the table than P.J. Brown did last year, and has a decent offensive game from 12 feet and in, which sadly can't be said for Big Baby Davis. One name that I do not expect to see land in Boston is Stephon Marbury, who seems content to collect his $20.1 million from the Knicks this year while doing absolutely nothing. Recession my ass.

*Rob Bradford, whom I consider to be this city's best sportswriter, revealed some fantastic info about MVP Dustin Pedroia's offseason activities on Bradford's blog. Apparently Pedroia, much like myself, is a huge fan of Ric Flair (like me, he probably bought the Ric Flair Definitive Collection the day it came out), and has taken the approach of "to be the man, you've got to beat the man" to his MVP defense. Holy fucking crap that rules. Pedroia furthered his awesomeness by wearing a Hulkamania t-shirt to his Friday lifting sessions in Arizona this offseason, and would apparently joke with Dodgers OF Andre Ethier about "hangin and bangin down at Venice Beach brother." I cannot put into words how awesome this is. Pedey was already my favorite current Red Sox, but this revelation of genius pushes him past the ambidextrous Greg Harris into the top five of my favorite Sox of all time.


Pepster said...

Just who exactly are your Top 5 all time Sox?

SmartyBarrett said...

@ Pepster

Too easy. In no particular order:

Kevin Romine
Bob Zupcic
Joe Hesketh
Tim Van Egmond
Billy Joe Robideaux

Pepster said...

Who are 5 people that have never been in my kitchen?

GHABB,Y~! said...

Jody Reed
Ivan Calderon
Todd Benzinger
Dennis Lamp
Dennis Lamp's Mustache