Friday, February 13, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

It's Friday the 13th, another stupid excuse to be superstitious and paranoid about black cats, and broken mirrors. The Celtics capped off a HUGE come from behind victory to spank the Dallas Mavs and German Fuhrer Nowitski. Best record in the Eastern Conference. Yea. To top it off tomorrow is Valentine's Day the Hallmark Holiday that yearly costs stupid men like myself hundreds of dollars. Cards, Chocolates, Flowers, Dinner at the North End, my god its like Cupid took a giant red hose and attached it to my wallet and turned it on overdrive. And women may say that they don't want any of this, but it's a lie. Try to forget about V-Day, I dare you, I promise you won't be getting laid again until October. Fuck, I envy you single people, this is just another day that doesn't effect you in the least, while schmucks like myself end up with catastrophic credit card debt.

Oh and by the way that character up there is going to be remade into what promises to be a steaming pile of shit that opens today. I fucking hate new horror movies, they are all poorly made, terribly written cinematic abortions that should never be watched, but for some reason continue to be made, and make money. The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre, those fucking Saw movies, Hostel, all need to die slowly from AIDS. Not that I ever watched any of them, but still, those goddamn commercials are on every five seconds. Instead of wasting time on those movies, please go and see something good, because for the first time in like 25 years there are some REALLY good movies out there. Milk, The Wrestler, and Slumdog Millionaire are all excellent movies that deserve a peek, so take my word and check em out.


ballamiguel said...

Apparently Marv Albert can't do simple division. More than once he said that the Celtics would have the best record in the NBA if they won last night. Go bite some more women, Marv.

LA Lakers 42 10 .808
Boston 44 11 .800
Cleveland 40 11 .784

Fuck Orlando, they suck.

maria said...

I kind of liked the Halloween remake and the first Saw.