Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Good morning folks and a happy Thursday to you all. The Bruins played last night, and since we don't have a Hockey Editor anymore, I can tell you they won 3 to 1 against the Philadelphia Flyers. It was the first time the two teams played this year, and Michael Ryder, David Krejci, and Dennis Wideman all scored goals. Hockey fans that read this blog and are looking for more analysis than that will be deeply disappointed, because thats basically all I can say, and if you are upset about it, yell at Raquel to post more. Boston College beat Virginia yesterday, and with losses by Duke against Clemson (bwah?) and Wake Forest against Miami (WHAT THE FUCK??) BC is now tied for 3rd place in the ACC. Their next game is against the Demon Deacons in WF, which should be a good game, because Wake fucking lost to Georgia Tech and Miami over the past week and BC has won 5 in a row. Oh baby I can smell the NCAA tournament. In other sports news Lebron scored 54, and put together a triple double against the Knicks just a day after Kobe scored 61. But if you wanted Bron Bron updates you can just turn on over to one of hte billion ESPN outlets to hear that. Just think though, Celtics-Lakers tonight, Who you got in this one?

And as I was perusing my Google Reader yesterday (if you use one add Mass Hysteria), and this video was on Awful Announcing. This is bar none one of the funniest graphic malfunctions ever made. Enjoy!

(the title of this video sort of gives it away)


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

The story of the Bruins game was the blueline, deflections, and the Patrice Bergeron helping beat the team that beat his skull in a year and a half ago for the first time since he went down.

Is pimping my recap ok? I hope so, because here it is:

stanley cup of chowder said...

What happened to the blogger formerly known as the Future Mrs? Rehab or witness protection program?

stanley cup of chowder said...

Wow, I am retarded. Not only did I type in my old site's address, but I typed in the wrong one.

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