Friday, February 20, 2009

Breakfast With the Hysterics: A Series of Thoughtful and Articulate Musings on the Bruins' Recent Play

9:41 AM Raquel: I don't like "losing"
I've gotten a taste for this "winning"
and beating Carolina shouldn't even count
GHABB,Y~!: carolina's not even a state
Raquel: I know right
it's like saying "I'm from Dakota"
GHABB,Y~!: "i'm from mesopotamia"
Raquel: I'm from the Tigris-Euphrates Delta
I'm from the Austro-Hungarian Empire
fucking christ
GHABB,Y~!: Hometown: The New World

Also, the Celtics lost to the Jazz, Kevin Garnett's knee is hurt, Rocco Baldelli is apparently still not healthy enough to even complete the Presidential Fitness Test at spring training, and you should pretty much just kill yourself now. On the plus side, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [deep breath] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [deep breath] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! At least you're not a fucking Canadiens fan.

(a tip of the tuque to the ever-inappropriate Four Habs Fans for possibly my favorite hockey-related photo that doesn't involve Derek Sanderson or Bobby Orr)


HabsFan29 said...

Jelly filled excitement, Tits, and a shout out. I would cry, but all my tears have been shed already at my sucky team.

GHABB,Y~! said...

I personally prefer the not-pictured Medium Tits.

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