Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Bostonian's Perspective on the A-Rod Press Conference

Thank god I didn't have to work today, because it gave me the ability to stay at home and watch the "ARod Press Conference". This story has been systematically beaten to death by the media, and blogosphere, but hell I haven't given my two cents on it so here we go. ARod was in a tough situation here, one he admittedly put himself in, but still he had to walk on glass to get through what he just did. Let's break it down to the what he did right and did wrong:

Well he came out and admitted that his cousin injected him in the ass with some substance named "Bolee" or something like that. Though ARod won't admit who his cousin is (probably to save him from drug trafficking charges). Arod looked really nervous, his papers were all crumpled, so it was clear he was fretting this. He said the two of them had taken the substance for three years, twice a month. A-Rod also admitted that he took "Ripped Fuel" when he was with the Mariners, which is some sort of Ephedrin based crank drank that was banned from GNC. He had no reason to admit this, so props to him for showing some sort of honesty there.

Buster Olney is a moron. Olney claimed that ARod answered all the questions (he didn't) and that he was being honest (he didn't seem to be). Arod was very dodgy with some of the questions, never explaining what he saw in the Rangers clubhouse, who his cousin was, ignoring questions about his legitimacy as Home Run King. I don't know he just seemed to avoid anything that was his opinion. Does he consider what he did cheating? And blaming everything on being "young, stupid and ignorant" is getting old, you were smart enough to sign a 250 million dollar contract, and you are the same age as me pal. I knew when I was 12 that drugs are bad, and jesus christ I wouldn't just inject myself with a foreign substance 36 times if I had no idea what it did. And what's this "I wish I went to college" crap? Do you really think that college would have prevented you from cheating? You are a professional athlete, your body is your temple, and you would just inject your money maker with Bolee if you had no idea what it did? And the question about his teammates? That was fucking weird and scripted (or Brian Cashman forgot to give him the last page), I don't know there didn't seem to be the "wave of emotion" that Olney claimed. He looked more confused than anything.

Arod was definitely the most open about his usage than any other player who has proved positive. But still, like every other clown that has been nailed, he was dodgy, and seems to be still lying about major parts of the situation. It seemed pretty clear, that there are still alot of aspects that ARod is not being open about, and after this press conference ARod will run back and hide behind the Union.


GHABB,Y~! said...

Between the steroids, Ripped fuel and various relatives injecting him in the ass, A-Rod now has a shitload in common with everyone who played offensive line for Everett High from 1994-present.

Brandon said...

Come on A-Rod, college is where I learned to cheat!