Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boston Sports Tonight: Beat LA Edition

The Triangle Offense

Celtics vs Lakers 8pm

After having their 19 game streak snapped at the Staples Center on Christmas, the C's look for revenge tonight. The anger is amplified because the fucking Lakers ruined my Christmas, much more than the kisses from my grandmother, and that ugly sweater my mother bought me. Garnett will be returning after missing the past two games with Nepalian TurboFlu, and should look to tear Pau Gasol's dirty smelly Euro beard off with massive amounts of fear and blackman sweat. Both teams are playing hot, inspired basketball with the Lakers beating the Knicks and Raptors of late, and the Celtics winning 10 in a row. But will the Lakers be able to do it without Andrew Bynum who is out after tearing his MCL (Gerald Wallace's liquefied lungs are still laughing).

Frivolous Prop Bet
: This game will become a shoot out between Brian Scalabrine and Sasha Vujacic, as they combine to go 15 for 15 from behind the arc. Kobe Bryant is so impressed with how his teammate is shooting that he decides to pass off open looks, only taking 6 shots the entire night, and ends the game with 20 assists.

Real Prediction: Big night for Rondo and Company, who hold Kobe to a measly 38 and still win. Celtics 104 Lakers 99.

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Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

And the Bruins play ottawa at 7pm!