Sunday, February 15, 2009

Benadryl Liveblog: NBA All-Star Game 2nd Half

Halftime Show: Um, yeah, that was the president. I'm pretty sure we can say that Obama is the first acting president ever to address the country in the middle of the NBA All-Star Game. Though, to be fair, Clinton did once give two members of his cabinet a thumbs up midway through an Arkansas-Ole Miss SEC Tournament game. Also, why is the Sugar Ray guy speaking Spanish, and why is there a choir wearing Orlando Magic warmup shirts?

10:19: With centuries of medical advancements and technology, why haven't they as of yet come out with a cough syrup that doesn't taste like a homeless person's foot? There's something cruel and unfair about not being able to taste my 16oz steak last night, but for my taste buds somehow responding to cough syrup tonight.

10:30: The East's top three leading scorers: Pierce, LeBron, Garnett. If we don't have a Celtics/Cavs Eastern Conference Finals, I will be madder than a Jonas brother's penis.

10:38: It's always fun when Shaq dunks and then runs like a combination of "the kid from Napoleon Dynamite" and "Sasquatch in the woods." That man really needs his own television channel.

10:44: For some sad reason, the Benadryl hasn't kicked in at ALL, despite taking three before the game. Epic under-the-influence liveblog fail. However, one advantage of this is that the Benadryl still hasn't cleared my sinuses enough to breathe, which makes me unable to smell my post-dinner farts.

10:51: Pro Kobe: Bryant has 23 points, more than anyone else through three quarters. Anti-Kobe: Bryant has taken ten more shots than anyone else on his team. TEN! I kinda understand not passing to Luke Walton, but there’s no excuse to have almost four times as many shots as Tim Duncan.

How 'bout you stop being an asshole and pass the ball for once.

10:56: Oooh, Craig Sager just said "Obama" twice to John McCain. I get that man is really old, hired a legally retarded woman as his VP candidate and got trounced in a national election, but now even the guy in the stupid suit gets to take shots? That just seems mean.

11:05: Sager's on a roll, as he just became the first white person in history to say the words "Big Jabbawocky." And yes, it was as awkward as you think it was.

11:15: Kevin Garnett dancing in chain mail will never get old.

11:20: West wins 146-119. Sorry to everyone who took the Under.


Boatdrinks said...

Pau and Marc Gausol happy happy happy!

HZMLS said...

Hey Coach K,

How bout dem Eagles?

Boatdrinks said...

What is in the water in Boston? All the Hysterians have had the deathcon five flu this year. What' up??

Boy, our crowd at the all starts really excited by the olympians. Um. Not.

Boatdrinks said...

HZMLS, your team is weirder even than my 'Cuse.