Monday, January 26, 2009

Yes, Yes...Your Tears Sustain Me

Oh boo hoo, you lost to the Eagles. It's so tough to be you, the whole world feels your pain. Oh Peji is that you, the one who was taunting us during the season?:

As a die-hard Giants fan, I gotta say, I laughed my ass off just readin both this blog, and the comments that followed. Um, BTW, my team is 11-1 right now, and are the reigning champs, after losing how many players? You Belichick-Kool Aid-drinking crybabies lost you pretty boy and can't beat the DOLPHINS? (Oh my bad, Ronnie Brown by himself mad you look stupid using plays a hugh school team could have caught onto. Here's a hint. If there is no QB in the backfield, they are gonna direct-snap to the tailback, you fucking clueless dipshits. What, is Junior "I'm 95 years old and I STILL can't get a ring? CHRIST!" Seau still playing linebacker there or something?) Anyway, stop with your "lucky" excuses and all that nonsense. Yeah, the Pats were the better team last year. I'll freely admit it. But they would not have coined the phrase "Any Given Sunday" unless it way true. Quit your goddamn whining, be happy with the goddamn three rings you've won this decade and GET THE FUCK OVER IT! YOU LOST! MOVE ON!!! (And remember to watch Big Blue DEFEND THAT TITLE THIS YEAR!!!)

And as that fat-ass Andy Reid would say (BTW I live in Philly. You think you Bah-stahn fahns scare New Yorkers? Try being a Giants fan here if you wanna deal with people being angry at you...) "The time is yours..."

That sounds like you in the video, it must be really hard losing to an incompetent boob(s) like McNabb and Reid. Here is a hint for you, Eli got lucky last year, escaping the title mediocre QB by a cunthair, expect more of what you saw in the playoffs this year to happen in the future. The Giants lost Strahan and Osi Humanurine this year, and your "genius" DC Spagnuolo is going to piss away his career in St. Louis. Life is going to be tough for him as he will have to spend most of his time preventing Leonard Little from getting loaded and killing people. Listen pal, we lost our superstar-all universe- starting QB and still almost made the playoffs, what is your excuse? Missing Cheddar Bob?

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