Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Week's College Hoops Scoop

Don't look now friends, but the NCAA Tournament is only two months away. Luckily, you can tell your friends, coworkers, and loved ones that you've been reading the incessant ramblings of some Boston sports blogger who will probably lose his office pool to the receptionist. You know, the one who fills out her bracket based on which teams have the prettiest colors. So you know you're ahead of the game by reading the hoops scoop! Now for the sub-plot - the college life. I feel like there is an endless amount of college experiences for me to talk about, but this week's is sure to be appreciated by anyone who lived on campus.

Your Freshman Year Dorm - Crappy Room, Terrible Location, and a Nightmare Roommate
Everyone knows the freshman dorm. Cracked walls. Puke-stained carpets. A door that doesn't quite close all the way. To make matters worse, you were seemingly in a different area code than the actual campus itself, having to endure horrific death marches to all of your classes. Res Life literally could not have given you a worse location. Well at least their roommate-matchup system was solid, right? Ha! I would love to see how they pick roommates, I really would. You were either stuck with a goth freak with a dyed black mohawk and 50 tattoos and face piercings. Or a religious nut who made sure every square inch of your room was covered with Jesus paraphernalia. Or someone who smoked too much pot. Or someone who didn't smoke enough pot. Either way, it was an incredible disappointment. Well nothing spells disappointment like the Tennessee Volunteers season thusfar. Talk about a big letdown - the Vols were ranked #14 in the AP preseason poll and now they're struggling to get Top 25 votes after losing three of their last four. And things are getting any easier for them heading into their SEC schedule, especially after letting Jodie Meeks drop 54(!!!!) points on them last night. It could be worse though, they could be rooming with this guy:

Your Sophomore Year Dorm - You Actually Got To Pick This One and It Still Sucked
Ah yes, things would get better in year two, right? You finally found a friend you could room with, so that problem was solved, and hey, look! A housing lottery! Now finally you could get out of that hell hole and into a real dorm. Only problem is you drew a crap number in the housing lottery. Or those pesky alcohol and hall sports write-ups got you bumped to the bottom of the list, and guess what? You're right back to where you were last year. Same crappy dorm, same puke-stained carpets. Talk about no improvement. The North Carolina Tar Heels know what that's like. After missing out on the national championship last year, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and Co. were ready to just run the table and take this thing by storm. But after starting 0-2 in the ACC, the Heels look like far from the best team in the country, and I'm backing off my pick of them as National Champion. Figured I would have learned my lesson sophomore year that sometimes what you pick doesn't always turn out to be the best.

Your Junior Year Dorm Which Wasn't Bad But Had That Really Kick Ass Party Spring Weekend
As everyone knows, an epic party at your house is always a win. You're always the first one there and you're around til the very end, provided you don't drink yourself into a coma or end up jumping into bed with some hot thing earlier than expected. For me, the former was always more of a danger than the latter. Anyway, the benefits of having a box social at your residence are enormous. You don't miss a minute of your friends making asses of themselves, you can always set up a secret stash of your own booze where no one will be able to find it, and you don't have to worry about a DD. So even if the rest of your junior year was just OK, that one night was absolutely legendary. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jodie Meeks. The dude has been solid for Kentucky all season, but last night he just went OFF. Meeks scored 54 points in 39 minutes in a Wildcat win over Tennessee. Yes. 54 points. 39 minutes. If you're mind is not fully blown yet, check this. 15 of 22 from the field. That includes 10 of 15 from 3-point range. 67% shooting threes! and he hit TEN of them! Also, 14-14 from the line, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and only 1 turnover. WOW. Game of the year in college basketball so far. No one has even really come close. That calls for a crazy house party.

Your Senior Year Dorm That Was Totally Pimped Out
After 3 years of creepy roommates, lame RAs, and poor room conditions, you finally hit the jackpot. Big pimped out room, prime campus location, and a roommate who kept the room stocked with booze and Ramen. You found someone with a really nice couch that they were just giving away, you hooked up your PS2 to your roommates big-screen TV and you were ready to roll. Talk about ideal. What could be more awesome? Perhaps the season that the Wake Forest Demon Deacons are having. The Satanic Priests are off to a 14-0 start, and I'm finally sold on their play after a big win over the aforementioned Tar Heels. I admit I was a bit skeptical because of their relatively cupcake non-conference schedule, but I'm sold now - I really think this team can get to at least the Final Four. The ACC is going to be tough, but with Jeff Teague balling out at over 20 PPG, Wake should be able to beat a lot of their opponents into the ground. Say, who is their next game against? Oh...oh God.


HZMLS said...

Whoa whoa whoa.

Lame RA?

I got free housing and wrote up one kid in two years of being an RA(while I was in grad school no less), and the only kid I wrote up was so bombed he had to be transported to the hospital.

I take pride in being a "Cool RA"

GHABB,Y~! said...

Unless you went to college in the south, in which case it was "Freshman Year: Shitty Dorm Room, Years 2-5: Fraternity House with smell of death and vomit permeating the halls and no doors on the stalls."

stanley cup of chowder said...

Me and my roommates got screwed in the housing lottery my senior year and ended up living in the exact same room as we did sophomore year.