Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rice & Henderson are Guests on Irrelevant Late Night Show

Let's take a quick glance at the whirl wind media tour that Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson are embarking on. And by "whirl wind media tour" I mean David Letterman, and the "it's been lame since I was 12" Top 10. Jim Rice this is part of your prize you waited fourteen years on, looking horribly awkward on late night national television. Watch the video, there are a few nuggets in there (the Madonna thing), but who the hell writes this crap? Dane Cook? Jim Belushi? Letterman is a pretty funny guy, and I get this is his trademark, but god move on find a new niche. Who honestly watches this shitty segment and still laughs? Well other than Paul Schaffer, and well he is a...yeah. Watching the video it appears that NESN hides the fact that Jim Rice got HUGE after he retired, and well Rickey Henderson probably could be hitting leadoff for the Pirates right now if they let him.

Letterman has always had a monopoly on athletes, because Jay Leno is too busy stealing other peoples routines, Craig Ferguson has no fucking clue what "the baseball" is, and well Carson Daly is a douche. Tomorrow Jim Rice's media tour will continue on The View, though with his love of The Young and the Restless, he will fit right in.

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