Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Newest BC Coach Vows to Rescue Princess/Defeat Bowser

Remember how I told you I wouldn't talk about BC football until August? I lied. BC's week long extensive football search is over, and the winner is.....Skip Holtz? No. Steve Logan? No. Steve Addazio? Nope. It's BC's defensive coordinator, Frank Spaziani. The favorite all along, Spaziani pulled up to his BC interview in a Lincoln sporting a new mink jacket that "fell off the back of a truck". Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo was impressed by Spaziani because he promised to change the training regimen to lifting in front of mirrors with white muscle shirts on, and a diet of nothing but fresh gabagool and prosciutto. Recruits Guiseppe Badalamenti of Jersey and Luciano Vizzini of Brooklyn have already given their written letter of intent to Boston College.

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Rocco said...

Are you implying something?

Just remember: the Mafia is Sicilians, not Italians.