Friday, January 23, 2009

Love Means Nothing in a Chair-Throwing Match

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Novak Djokovic. He is apparently good at tennis or something. There is also some sort of so-called "Australian Open" going on right now, presumably in Australia. The court is made of clay or grass or composite stuff I think. Look, clearly I don't pay attention to tennis that much. But the incident that occured yesterday sparked my interest a bit.

First, some background - Djokovic took on Amer Delic in a third-round match yesterday afternoon in the Open. Djokovic hails from Belgrade, Serbia, and while Delic technically claims the United States as his home (he went to the University of Illinois and lives in Jacksonville, Florida), he was born in Tuzla, Bosnia. Now Serbia and Bosnia have never had any conflicts, have they?

Outside the stadium after the match was over, violence erupted between Bosnian and Serbian youths, with chairs, water-bottles, and people flying all over the place.

30 people were ejected from the stadium, 2 were arrested, and one woman was completely knocked unconscious. And the weird thing is, Djokovic and Delic were totally cool with each other. They not only met and shook hands at the net at the conclusion (which is pretty standard by all accounts), but they were applauding each other during and after the match...truly classy shit. Maybe these ass-clowns outside the stadium should take a page from the playbook of these guys and calm the fuck down. How come it seems like sports is better than real life sometimes?

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