Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Harrison Added to Non Stop Parade of Commentators

Harrison giving a demonstration on his preferred method of stopping Larry Fitzgerald

First they came for Jerome Bettis, and no one said anything, then they came for Tiki and no one said no said anything, finally they have added Rodney Harrison. And there was no one left. Jesus Christ, NBC is just launching every football personality available into this pregame coverage. He will join "Bob Costas (midget), Cris Collinsworth (snarling asshole), Keith Olbermann (liberal douche), Dan Patrick (smarmy), Jerome Bettis (the I PLAYED FOR PITTSBURGH commentator ), Tiki Barber (the gay perspective) and Peter King (Special Reporter on all things Brett Favre). Tony Dungy (to exterminate Tiki), Mike Holmgren (washed up coach) and Matt Millen (incompetent boob).

That certainly is a motley crew. Can I make a suggestion though? If things get out of control, and stupid, which I am sure they will, plug your IPOD in and hit the mute button on your TV.

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