Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get Metsmerized with the '86 Mets and Other Random Crap

I have been going through a Jeff Pearlman phase the last few weeks, I recently finished his book Boys will be Boys, a look at the 90's Cowboys, and now "The Bad Guys Won" about the 86 Mets. The Mets book is very good, and with 2004 and 2007 behind us Red Sox fans can now read this book and really enjoy it. Trust me, you can. Pearlman, who just left ESPN this week to resume work with SI is a fantastic read, especially if you like the sense of humor in blogs like MH, Deadspin, Big Lead, and anything by Bill Simmons. The above video is a rap done by the '86 Mets mentioned in the book(sort of like their Super Bowl Shuffle), it is possibly the worst/best rap song I have ever heard in my life. It's called Get Metsmemorized, the brain child of George Foster (who wouldn't even finish the season with the Mets), and was created when the Mets had played ONE GAME. They make Milk, Vanilla Ice, and Fred Durst look like Run D.M.C. Please listen to it, you would be surprised, evidently being black doesn't automatically make you a good rapper (i.e Doc Gooden, Strawberry).

Also the Hysterics Have Been Busy Over at SlowBreaker:

Smarty has been busy covering such things as the felonious brother of a PC player, the White Sox are creating Obama hats, and how playing Madden makes you more competent to run a football team than Matt Millen

I wrote some articles on soccer, shockingly twice, and got mentioned on Deadspin for the scoop on TO's new reality show.

*GHABBY has created a new column that diaries his MMA training (This is a must read) and his weekly column that this week features....MORE MMA!

* Raquel wrote an NFL Conference Championship Preview, two games she thought were going to be very "meh".

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