Monday, January 12, 2009

Death of the Haze

No, no, no. I am not "literally" dying, and no Hazel Mae is doing just fine at the Major League Baseball Network. It's more of a figurative passing, of my poster name only, and not my spirit or love of BC sports and the Patriots. No longer will you see "Hazel Maes Landing Strip" or images of a long legged Asian Sports reporting goddess. Let's just say that times have changed, Mass Hysteria is beginning to become popular with more readers joining up every day and in case a major blog ever features us, I would prefer not to be sued. From now on in, I have simplified it to a name you all call me anyways: HZMLS.

Also today MH wants to proudly announce our partnership with a new site started by our old friend Zach Martin. Check out the site, but just as a warning we are still in Beta trials, so some of the kinks are still being worked out. It's a sports network of blogs and original material that links up with many great sports blogs on the interwebs: including The Basketball Jones, 3:10 to Joba, and among many other. Many of our "great" posts will be featured on the site, and Ghabby, Raquel and myself will be posting over on Slowbreaker. Nothing will change here at MH, you will still get the same dick jokes, wrestling columns, Bruins glitter logos, and Smarty begging to get laid.


SmartyBarrett said...

...Smarty begging to get laid.

Says you. Ever since I told the ladies that I'm now part of the Slow Breaker Network, they've been all over me.

nfsffw said...

So I'm guessing Naoko Funayamabags is probably off limits too?

Congrats, MH! Now that you're big time will you be doing any loan sharking?