Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Cardinals Aren't Who We Thought They Were!

Listen Patriots fans, I am tired of listening to you all say that the Cardinals are not a good team because the Pats stomped them 47-7 late in the season. I turn on the radio the other day, and it's phone call after phone call of "Yeah, hi, the Cards are an overrated team, look the Pats destroyed dem. " I need to figure out why I turn on the radio, it must be some sort of masochistic streak in me. True, it was an epic ass whooping clinic put on by the Pats. It was unbelievable to even ponder that the Cardinals were a legitimate playoff contender watching that game. The Cardinals are, and were a much better team than they showed during that game and please please remember, the Cardinals had nothing to gain in that game.

Think of it this way. The playoffs were already locked up, and the Cardinals slot was basically secure, they had a first round home game and they couldn't gain a first round bye. So why the hell would they even try? Do they want to see Warner get decapitated by Jerod Mayo? Or Larry Fitzgerald break an arm on the frozen turf? I think Ken Whisenhunt agrees with me, because it was abundantly clear that the Cardinals brains were elsewhere from the opening kickoff. It's kind of like that last final as a senior in high school, in a class you did well in all year. Did you really study for the test? Or did you just show up, go through the motions and take your 66 and move on. You are too busy looking forward to keg parties in the middle of the woods to worry about pointless exams. And who gives a shit about US History when you have to worry about conjuring up lies to tell your parents, "Yeah, Wes's mom said we could come over and watch movies, but they don't have phones over there so don't bother calling". It's called keeping an eye on the future.

Face it Pats fans if you watched the games over the past few weeks, the Cardinals are a good team and yes they DESERVE to be in the Super Bowl. They are not "Frauds" or "Undeserving". Every team has a few stumbles as they head for the Lombardi Trophy, remember the disaster at Pro Player Stadium in 2004. That was pretty awful, but in the end did it really matter? The Cards have a prolific offense, a defense that finally has shown up (Looking at you 2006-07 Colts), and a whole boat load of momentum. So when the Cardinals take out the Steelers in the Super Bowl, please forget about that irrelevant game the Patriots played against the Cards in the snow.


The A-Train said...

not to mention the chargers beat the patriots earlier this season and plenty of people bitch about the chargers making the playoffs.

GranDude said...

The buzzsaw can't hack it against stainless steel. I agree the Cards' loss in Foxboro was meaningless, but Pittsburgh jus beats the shit out of their opponents. See: Welker, Wes. Also see: McGahee, Willis.

nfsffw said...

Always good to know who you're logged in as, you tired old fuck.