Friday, January 23, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Though all the stores closed in Massachusetts, Krispy Kreme was the closest thing to heroin I have ever tried.

Thank the holy mother Mary its finally Friday, week OV-ER. I hope everyone out there in Hysteria-land watched the Celtics systematically dismantle the Magic last night in Orlando (or the worst place in the world according to GHABBY). The star of the game was the Captain, Paul Pierce who scored 26 points in 44 minutes. Yes he played 44 minutes, so when the team goes through another stretch where they play "2007 Knicks Basketball" you can look at games like this. The bench combined for 19 points, 16 belonging to Swollen Baby, and another was a three pointer by "lone white guy on the team". Irregardless this was definitely one of those statement games that should keep the media honest and hopefully keep the C's as an elite team in the NBA. But then again certain blogs just mindlessly hate on Boston, will completely ignore this game, and shit on our city left and right, so they can go f....Whoa slow down deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Now its time to cruise the news to see if there is anything that could possibly spark discussion on this fair blog. Oh here is one, a family is going back to court on a hearing that they are abusing their children. What is the name of the children? Adolf Hitler, Honszlynn Hinler, and Aryan Nation. Wow. I mean, wow. If you have been following this case (Honestly I have) this whole shin dig started when the parents wanted to have a birthday cake with "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler" written on the cake. Obviously Feinstein's Cake Company refused to do it, which sent the couple in a tizzy. Well, recently DSS has taken the children into company, but the allegations have been kept hush hush, I am going to guess its because they named their child after the most vile person in the history of the universe. What are your thoughts on this case?

Hell we haven't thrown a music video up in a long time, and in honor of the recent Magic Game enjoy this one by Shaq:


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

"DSS has taken the children into company"

That's a funny way of saying Custody.

stanley cup of chowder said...

I would have gone with "Shoot, Pass, Slam".