Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics!

A quiet day in the sports world yesterday, but a not-so-quiet day in the "regular" world...whatever that is. I myself was pre-occupied yesterday with watching the festivities online with CNN via Facebook. The shit was pretty crazy; you could chat with your friends in a little sidebar, you could update your status and such, and you could view everyone who was watching it along with you. I guess it doesn't take much to impress a geek like me. My sister and a few other friends of MH were actually in DC for the events, which initially seemed really cool, but I don't know how much I would have been able to stand it myself. I mean, did anyone actually sit down and watch the ENTIRE thing? It was BORING. The poem, the prayers...YAWN. I would have watched the speech then hit a bar. But maybe that's just me.

Now onto some actual sports. Well, I use the term "actual" loosely, because I'm about to talk about Boston College. They actually ended their streak of epic failure with a win last night, but anyone who saw the game may beg to differ. The Eagles took on Georgia Tech, the worst team in the ACC, and barely won. BC had a comfy 14-point second half lead and completely blew it, allowing Tech to storm back and send the game into OT. Tyrese Rice and Corey Raji led the Eagles in overtime, avoiding the road collapse and their 5th straight loss. Which begs the question: This team REALLY beat North Carolina? Like seriously? If I didn't watch the game myself, I would have assumed Lawson and Ellington played blindfolded, and they took 15 points away from the Tar Heels every time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named got a bloody nose.

In Red Sox news, the hometown team locked Jonathan Papelbon and Javier Lopez up with one-year deals for each. The Globe is still reporting that a multi-year deal is still possible for Paps, and there have already been discussions about an extension. I really really like how Theo never lets anyone go to arbitration and keeps the young players under the Sox control. However, there is still one tiny little issue facing the team before pitchers and catchers report in a month and a half. Namely, if Theo doesn't make a move soon, it will be pitchers and catcher reporting. Miguel Montero? Jason Varitek? Just rolling with Bard and Kotteras/Brown? Something else? Question for our readers - what would you prefer?


Boatdrinks said...

Hey Smarty, I wrote this last night below... I think I get that rather than lose or complete the long deal yesterday, they pay him a boatload to keep him and figure out the bigger picture later??

Dear MH brilliant editors and readers:
Why not a multi year deal? I would guess Papelboner's arm could come flying off or sundry other things, and this is why?
It makes sense to me not to have a seven or whatever the hell some deals are / were. But one?
Thanks, still learning the biz side of basesball.

I will add that our new catcher should be cute. (No, that is just a girly joke...I am not serious...much.)

SmartyBarrett said...

@ Boatdrinks

Seemingly they couldn't hammer out a multi-year deal just yet, but they did want to avoid arb, so they did what they could. Paps seems to like to hold out more than others, maybe it's his agent, but I feel confident that they'll be able to lock him up at some point, whether its in spring training, during the season, or maybe even next off-seaosn.

Rocco said...

Antsy for July and the next Harry Potter movie?

stanley cup of chowder said...

Let Varitek walk. He wants way too much and he couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat right now. I thought that Boras hosed the Sox on Tek's last deal. Thanks for the memories, but peace out.

nfsffw said...

Ah, I thought this was arbitration, my bad.
As for catcher, I would prefer to have one. Less passed balls that way, except when Wakefield pitches.
Anyone else think 'Tek could have a nice bounceback year? With his divorce behind him, maybe he'll be able to focus on hitting the ball a bit more. Not an easy thing to go through, even if you are nailing a hot young sportscaster lady. Take it from one who's been there, well except for the nailing the hot young sportscaster lady part.
2 years at $10-$12 million seems OK, he's not worth any more at this late point in his career.