Monday, January 19, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day everyone, hopefully you have today off from work. What a day for football yesterday, yes the Patriots are still sitting at home having their front office picked apart like vultures, but there were two HUGE games yesterday. First on the docket was the Eagles-Cardinals, and what a fucking game this was. First half you had Larry Fitzgerald all over the place nabbing touchdown catches, and McNabb doing his second half swan dive 30 minutes early. Can I go ahead and say that Larry Fitzgerald is the best receiver in football? Well I am. But the second half, that's when the game turned awesome, the Eagles woke, and actually took the lead before Church Boy Kurt Warner hooked up with Tim Hightower to win it. Wow, Cardinals are in the Super Bowl, prepare for two weeks of hearing about the Cardinals failing for 61 straight years. Pittsburgh played the zzzzzzz Ravens in the zzzzzzzzzzzz AFC Championship (remembers game and falls asleep for 20 minutes). My god do these teams play BORING football, yeah defense and three yard runs are fun to watch I guess, but when there was ONE big play in the entire game, the end result is really boring. Joe Flacco was pwned, throwing three picks and left the game as Troy Polamalu's whipping boy, and Willis McGahee was hospitalized after getting clobbered by Ryan Clark. Get ready for your Steelers zzzzz and Cardinals zzzzzzz Super Bowl. My pick? The Cardinals, write it in your little notebook. It is probably going to be a slow day here at Mass Hysteria, most of the Hysterics (myself included) have today off from work, and probably won't be around. So for now consider this an open thread to post on whatever the hell you want. The Obama Inaugration? The Bruins loss to the Capitals Saturday? Want to Challenge me to a fight? Drinking Stories? Anything you want my friends.

9:54am Edit: Dom Capers is about to join the Packers as their Defensive Coordinator. Another Patriots coach, gone.

10:35 AM Edit
According to Vegas, the Patriots are favorites to win the 2010 Super Bowl, so there Pats fans keep your head up.


SmartyBarrett said...

This may sound crazy homer-ish, but Randy Moss is better player than Larry Fitzgerald. Moss's blocking in the running game and the hits he makes upfield on passes not completed to him put him over the top.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Blah Blah football blah. At least I guessed correctly in the mass hysteria game.

Bruins play today!

HZMLS said...

I would mention the Bruins more, but a certain hockey editor says that I sound like an asshole whenever I talk about the Bruins, so I have been censored.

stanley cup of chowder said...

When are we going to hear from W.P. Foxtrotty? It has been at least a fortnight since that young chap pontificated on the events of a sporting nature. I would be much obliged to you if you could see to it that Mr. Foxtrotty lend his opinion and wordsmith skils to an article on the Canadian fur trapper sport of ice hockey.

Your fellow reporter of sporting activity,


nfsffw said...

The McGahee hit was brutal but clean, Suggs had a similar hit on Parker earlier in the game. I kept waiting for a 15 yard manslaughter flag to be thrown.
This year's NFL is not about parity, it's about mediocrity, and two of the best mediocre teams face off in the Super Bowl.Pitt's D gives them the edge.
As for the beloved Pats, how would you like to see Julius Peppers lining up opposite Seymour next year.

/hoping DirecTV doesn't black out the Bruins on NESN today

Rocco said...

Wait. So it's easier to write and post on days you're at work? I understand everyone likes to enjoy their days off, and I don't mind a slow day here, but that's just confusing.

Oh, and you got censored by the editor? Is that the same editor who confuses goals and points?

Boatdrinks said...

Rocco, HZMLS, just finished shoveling, and remembered why I let my neighbor (for a small fee) blow snow away. But I got fresh air..?

I too am off. Sadly, I will have worse to deal with tomorrow, but them's the breaks.

nfsffw said...

Boatdrinks, when I first read this I saw (for a small feel). :)

Someone please tell Jack Edwards never to say "It'll take a miracle now" again. What a third period, five goals in the final five minutes, if St Loo's last second shot stands.

nfsffw said...

Well, hell, it's OT.

nfsffw said...

Well that sucked. :(

Pepster said...

nfsffw - Regarding the hit on McGahee, I suspect the NFL will lighten Mr. Clark's wallet a significant amount. I don't think the hit was dirty, but he did come in with his helmet low (even though it look like he was leading with his shoulder), and made contact with McGahee's head.

Given the way the NFL has been hading out fines on defensive hits, I imagine that this one would be included. No suspension should attach, I would guess.

Pepster said...

SmartyBarret - I would put Fitzgerald at the top of the list right now, and accept only 3 other mentions in the argument. Moss, of course, Andre Johnson and Steve Smith. I would still take Fitzgerald over any of them.

Calvin Johnson and Roddy White could enter into the discussion in the next couple of years.

nfsffw said...

Pepster you are likely right, Walker will probably get fined, and that's pretty much crap. No flag was thrown, but the league office will review tape and take money from a guy who didn't even draw a penalty.

Meanwhile, Andy Reid can't throw a challenge rag to have blatant pass interference reviewed upstairs on a 4th down play with a minute left.

I don't really want to see penalties handed out via instant replay, the game takes long enough to play already. But if the zebras crucial calls are above reproach and are not challengable, the league shouldn't be able to fine a guy that doesn't get flagged either.
Ref's decision final and all that.

/end rambling discourse