Friday, January 16, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

It is finally Friday, almost time for my three day weekend. So you know what that means? Another day of drinking in honor of a guy whose character and ethics were 500x anything I could ever approach. This time it is Martin Luther King, who tried to bring equality to a divided country, while I make dick jokes and post pictures of half naked girls on the internet. The timing of this weekend is perfect, because I can now sit at home and watch the Championship playoff games and have a few brewskis to go with it. With some of these teams I am probably going to need it, I am looking at you Pittsburgh and Baltimore. It's understandable that these games are going to be "good football" with good defense and hard hits, but watching a game with absolutely no offense and scoring that ends up 13-10 is a tad on the boring and hard to watch side. With the game being at Heinz Field you know thats how this is going to turn out. Battle of field position! Woooo. The Bruins won yesterday against the Islanders, which is a good thing. Yah Hockey!

I am going to keep Breakfast relatively brief this morning and introduce you to a Youtube series GHABBY introduced me to, that is a mixture of two of my favorite things in life: US History and drinking. The basic premise of this series is that they get a guy/girl bombed and have them recount some moment in history. There is some swearing so it might be NSFW. So please let me introduce Drunk History, enjoy.

There are 5 Drunk History videos total, check out the others on Youtube..

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Pepster said...

Drunk history, huh? I call that "Tuesday".