Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

So overtime in the NBA is still only five minutes, right? A check of the box score in the Celtics game last night and you wouldn't believe it. The C's scored 22 points in the extra frame, including nine poured in by Paul Pierce as they held off the Canadian Dinosaurs 115-109 last night. 22 points in overtime was a Celtics team record, and averages out to a basket every 27 seconds or so, for those keeping score at home. The Green defense wasn't quite up to snuff last night, but holy shit Pierce was, playing 49 minutes and scoring 39 points. The Captain (AND THE TRUUUUTTHHHH!!!!) was the ONLY Celtic to score in a span of just over five and a half minutes in the fourth quarter and spilling into overtime, so needless to say, the dude put the team on his back. It's not the first time we've seen this, to be sure, but PP never ceases to amaze me. Also a big fuck you to Andrea Bargnani for sending the game into OT and making me stay up an extra half hour to watch it. Go back to Italy, Euro-trash.

In your daily "I'd Better Talk About The Bruins Or Raquel Will Hurt Me" report, Phil Kessel has been diagnosed with mono, aka "The Kissing Disease." This will not deter her dreams of one day making out with him, but in the meantime, he could be sidelined for about a month. No word on how this will affect his ball.

As mentioned yesterday, Jim Rice was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in his fifteenth and final year of eligibility. As a sabermetrics-inclined person, I personally thought his candidacy was questionable, but that won't stop me from being incredibly proud of the man for all he accomplished with the Sox. Some of his highlight-reel homers were just ridiculously ridiculous bombs. So I won't make a stink about how Rice was iffy, but I will make a stink about one Tim Raines. The dude was an unbelievable player, perhaps the second-best leadoff hitter and second-best base stealer of all time, and certainly the second-best of his generation. Unfortunately for him, he had to appear on the ballot with the best in both categories. Maybe now that Rickey Henderson is in the Hall of Fame where Rickey Henderson belongs so Rickey Henderson can be the best that Rickey Henderson can be, Mr. Raines can finally get some ballot love. So question for ya'll: Any beef with the Hall of Fame ballot this year, or the voting process in general? Air it out in the comments!


Pepster said...

I have so many beefs with the process, that it would take an entire novel. However, as for the specific results, I believe that Rice deserves to be in the Hall. He was playing in his prime when I first starting watching baseball, and he was FEARED. He had a five or so year stretch that was ridiculous. Not so ridiculous when compared to modern roid numbers, but ridiculous nonetheless.

My biggest beef is Andre Dawson. He did it all, unfortunately, he did it in Canada and with a lot of bad teams. Simply one of the best of his time, and that deserves some merit.

The A-Train said...

I'm annoyed that Rickey didn't get more votes. Seriously, who DIDN'T think that Rickey should be in the Hall? And none of this "votes" crap. Rickey, and then figure out who else.

The idea of "no one should be unanimous" is cute, but asinine. If anyone should be unanimous, it's Rickey. He was beyond dominant, he was the best. Plus the fact that he's black would have been a nice "feel-good" aspect about Rickey being the first unanimous vote.

Shaun said...

I couldn't believe I remembered Jay Bell.

Then I realized I was thinking of Derek Bell.

Raquel said...

There's actually been a demonstrated link between Epstein-Barr virus (the virus that causes mono) and testicular cancer... my guess is Phil's earlier bout with cancer is linked to this somehow.