Monday, January 12, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Mornin folks. It was a pretty exciting weekend in Boston sports, with the Celtics pulling off a rare win yesterday against Chris Bosh and the Toronto Velociraptors. Ray Allen's sneering corpse led the charge with 36 points and leaves the Celtics at 30-9, and gives us the first win in what feels like two weeks. This win also helps after getting our ass handed to us by King Lebron and the Cavs, who FUCKING RELEASED STREAMERS AND CONFETTI WHEN THEY WON A REGULAR SEASON PLAYOFF GAME IN FREAKING JANUARY. Sorry, I understand its a big deal to beat the defending champions, but as they say in the porn world, "Don't get too excited and blow your load too early, wait until the money shot and blast it then". Also in the sporting world I am no longer "allowed" to talk about the Bruins, because I am a "moron" who doesn't follow the team. No truer words could be spoken. Well anywho, the Bruins beat the team formerly known as the Hartford Whalers 5-1 on Saturday. One last thing, Mark Herzlich is coming back to BC for his senior year. Teehehe.

Well today is a Monday and its 8 in the morning and I am dragging. I had a disastrous day yesterday, locking myself out of my car after a snow storm. I am usually uber-anal about making sure I had my keys but this time I got distracted by something and left them in my car, while it was running. So waiting in the frigid cold with FutureMrsHZMLS we decided to help my Grandmother shovel out. Great idea, except that when I started shoveling I failed to realize we were standing on a sheet of ice. I am not the most nimble of people, and when my feet went out from under me, I thought I was going to die. I landed face first on the ice, luckily bracing my fall with my wrists which both are sore as fuck today. My fiance couldn't help but laugh hysterically (no pun intended) at me as I lay in a heap on the ground. I now understand how the elderly break hips and pelvises and necks falling. Man I fucking hate the snow. Sorry I know this topic has been addressed before, but living in Massachusetts amplifies the importance of my bitching.

Well anyway, Golden Globes were on last night, but I skipped them to read and go to bed early. Question for the Hysterics this morning, Seen any good movies lately?


Rocco said...

Step Brothers was pretty funny. Caught the end of Revolutionary Road last night and according to my friends who watched the whole thing it is absolutely horrible.

Oh, and I enjoyed a sweet day plowing through 14" of fresh powder Saturday, so I'll have to respectfully disagree with the snow haterade.

The A-Train said...

Punisher: War Zone was everything I wanted it to be. And that, of course, was whole lot of killing.

I now understand how the elderly break hips and pelvises and necks falling.

For a second there, I thought you were going to say "I now understand why men beat their wives." Would have be much funnier.

Boatdrinks said...

I think you have an extra word in your Celtic rant (PLAYOFF) when talking about Cavs. I see where the snow/cold has caused a little brain cell loss.

Anyhoo, I have not seen anything good in so long...took Dad to Ernie Davis movie and enjoyed that last fall. "Back to better times" in SU football.

My flat driveway is pretty much rock ice and from the looks of it won't melt any this week so I am sure I will be doing a Goofy maneuver walking to get the mail and having all body parts tornadoing in a whirlwind before SPLAT.

GHABB,Y~! said...

I meant to see that Ernie Davis movie, but never got a chance to. Worth renting if I'm not an SU fan?

Rocco said...

I'll be honest with you. Having a 2 car attached garage is pretty nice in the winter. No brushing off show, no wading through snow drifts to get in the house. Highly recommened.

Boatdrinks said...

I think so Ghabby. I decided leaving there that it was a pretty good feel good sports movie. It is not ever gonna be a classic, but it is good.
Some of the excitement comes from a movie walking on the grounds of an old friend like SU, but other parts are just classic good guy doing good stuff getting wronged.