Thursday, January 8, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Mornin' folks. Busy night in Boston sports, with both the Celtics and BC men's basketball competing. And what a night of epic failure was on display. The Celtics continued to show little resistance as they scored 85 points (!!!) against the Rockets, and the BC who recently beat #1 UNC lost to HARVARD. Yes the trust fund kids docked their yachts and took it to the #24 ranked team in the country. But I won't bore you with that. There is loads of Red Sox news percolating as well, two relatively big named free agents are on the verge of coming over to the Sox. John Smoltz and Rocco Baldelli are expected to sign today, finally signings that dwarf the recent acquisition of Nick Green.

One particular soon to be ex-Red Sox player had a busy night last night, and that is loud mouth-clutchy-gritty-Everquest playing- long winded blogger-McCain loving Curt Schilling. Schilling was spotted last night with his wife at a movie premier. No he was not at Milk, god I'm sure Schill saw reviews of that and said "The gays are making movies now, fuck them", or The Wrestler (though the story of a washed up athlete should resonate with him), he was at Bride Wars. No I shit you not, Bride Wars. When I went to see Marley and Me two weekends ago they had a preview for this movie, and it looks like the type of movie I would rather shave with an EBOLA infested razors than watch. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway (WHO IS HOTTT) star as two cunty brides to be, who for all intent and purposes sabotage each others weddings by doing cunty things. OH YOU SCREWED UP HER TANNING BED AND MADE HER ORANGE OH MY GOD!!!! DID SHE JUST TACKLE HER IN THE AISLE, WHOA WHAT A GREAT MOVIE!

I find it pretty disheartening that Shonda can still con Curt into seeing this. If I as him I would have said something on the line of "Hells no, why don't you take your cackle of hens and go watch that asinine drivel yourself". Doesn't he have 3000+ word blog posts to write, or go fuck up the Senatorial recount in Minnesota? Curt, you are making all men look bad, because well most of us have the balls to say no to shit like this. Question of the Day: What is the worst movie you have ever seen on a date, or had a significant other force you to watch?

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Raquel said...

My ex made me sit through "Hostel" despite the fact that I was hyperventilating and on the verge of tears for the majority of the movie.

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

I have been forced to see so many bad movies in my life: Serendipity, Kate & Leopold, and Catch & Release just to name a few. But far and away the winner is Pearl Harbor. Not only did this movie suck balls, but the entire auditorium was filled with WWII vets. After the movie it looked like Michael Bay had systematically kicked each one in the groin. I felt so bad for them, they sacrificed so much for this country, and hoping to see a movie honoring their heroism they get treated to this theatrical abortion.

nfsffw said...

Some absolute piece of dung called Mrs Soffel, w/Diane Keaton and Mel Gibson. If I could have figured out a way to kill myself with an empty popcorn box and a straw I wouldn't be here today.

As for the Sox, Baldelli = 4th OF, Smoltz = Timlin? We obviously need the OF help, so why not insure the balky backed JD Drew with a pillar of health like Rocco! I guess I'm OK with Smoltz as long as we're not looking at him as a 5th starter, but neither of these guys comes close to giving me a half on.
Bring me Ben Sheets please, Theo. I've seen this dude pitch a lot,he's a really nasty power pitcher, and of the injury prone choices that are out there, he is the most viable - yes, that includes Brad Milano.

Anonymous said...

Bad Movie = anything with Horsefac- er - Sarah Jessica Parker

ballamiguel said...

Two words: Swing Vote.

The A-Train said...

I never understand why couples always torture each other with TV shows one loathes.

Take my roommate for example. His girlfriend loooooves "John and Kate plus 8" My roommate? Not so much.

She wants them to watch it together. His response? Yes...but only if she'll watch something SHE hates with HIM. His choice of course is UFC.

I just kinda shake my head at the whole thing and go out to the bars in search of young dumb college ass to crush. It's your 21st birthday? Why yes, I'd LOVE to do a shot off you!

Anyway: Grey's Anatomy.

Boatdrinks said...

Casino. My friend and I went. 3 hours, and dead bodies and depression everywhere, it ended. Ugh.