Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Good morning, and a happy Tuesday to you all. Again last night was a quiet night in Boston sports, with no Bruins and no Celtics games happening. Lots of rumors and talk going on about Jeff Jags and Stephon Marbury going around though. As GHABBY so eloquently put it yesterday, Jags is in a world of shit with BC after he failed to notify the school that he was going to interview for the position with the Jets. While I don't fault Jags for wanting to improve his career, the big issue is that he lied to his Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo. I mean there is no grey area there, if I went in and flat out lied to my boss, I would be in trouble too. There is so much drama and he said she said bullshit here, that honestly right now I have no opinion on the matter, other than both Jags and BC look like fuckheads. I love seeing BC grab headlines in this pro sports town, but this is certainly not what I had in mind.

It's pretty obvious that BC isn't an elite school in any sort of athletic realm (well probably with the exception of hockey), but they have been very consistent over the past decades with their results in both basketball and football. Nine straight bowl games, and two straight ACC Championships should put Jags in good company in terms of pay right? WRONG. According to the numbers Jags was the 35th highest paid coach in all of college football as of 8/08, and tied for 7th in the ACC alone (with the fucking coach of Duke, who yes has won all of 1 game over the past two years). You might wonder does Gene skimp with Al Skinner, the coach who has also produced at the Heights for the past 11 years? The answer quite simply is yes. Skinner going into the 2006 tourney was only the 13th highest salaried coach, but the big difference was bonuses, as in he got NONE. (though to be fair, he might have gotten a bonus it was just never reported on the salary spreadsheets I found, but from what I have read I can't imagine Gene shelling out anything). See its this lack of respect and monetary compensation for obvious talent that has gotten Boston College in so much trouble.

Well anyways, that is all I have to say about the drama going on in Chestnut Hill. Hopefully we will get some sort of resolution to this whole affair. I promise to take a bit of a break with all this BC hoopla, but this is pretty important stuff going on here. Plus how much Matt Cassel Franchise Tag or not talk could you handle? To take a complete 180 here, my question of the day has nothing to do with BC or the NFL, but my brain is kind of scattered this morning. Question for the masses: Who do you want to see catching for the Boston Red Sox next season?


SmartyBarrett said...

2) I am going to cut out the word "fuck" from all future posts. Let's see if I can figure out different ways of portraying the hatred, anger, and rage captured by FUCK without using the word.

There is so much drama and he said she said bullshit here, that honestly right now I have no opinion on the matter, other than both Jags and BC look like fuckheads.


Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

FUCK, I fucked up my fucking New Years resolution a-fucking-gain. FUCK!

SmartyBarrett said...

Oh also, since you said "Who do you want..." my answer is Joe Mauer. But, you know, realistically, it's going to be a Varitek/Bard platoon. Which, if they get another bat, I would be OK with.

stanley cup of chowder said...

Is the fat kid from The Bad News Bears still available or did Pittsburgh sign him?

Pepster said...

The way my favorite team operates, you will probably end up with Miguel Olivo in some perverted 19 player deal that also gives you Hanley Ramirez.

So, my answer to the question is, anyone but Miguel Olivo.

Rocco said...

Mike Piazza.

jdroche said...

Lets not all cry a river for Jags being the 35th highest paid coach in D1 football. There are 119 teams in D1 FCS, meaning that Jags is still in the Top 30% of coaches in terms of salary and he is a guy who has won 0 ACC Championships, and is 1-1 in bowl games.

We're not talking about Pete Carroll here, we're talking about an alright coach at a non football school being paid in the Top 30% of all coaches in the country.

nfsffw said...

I like Saltalamacchia or Teagarden, and Nolan Ryan supposedly covets Buchholz. Are there any more Flying Molina Brothers out there?

nfsffw said...

And FWIW, I stand fully prepared to pick up your fuckslack.