Monday, January 5, 2009

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Yo, I'm back on my grizzy, time to get back to work after almost two weeks off. What did I do with my time off you might ask? Not a god damn thing. I watched practically every Bowl Game on television, by far the best Bowl Game so far had to be the Alabama-Utah game, now that is a statement game for a school. Also during my down time, I watched many, many, many a movie, by far the best being Man on Wire, followed second by Wall-E. No homo. I also am in the midst of reading "Too Fat to Fish" by Artie Lange, the book cover art follows, it pretty much says everything you need to know about the book. Oh I have two New Years resolutions that I am sure will not be followed come February 1st. 1) I am going to go the gym at least three times a week, no excuses, no "I'm too tired, or hung over to go". 2) I am going to cut out the word "fuck" from all future posts. Let's see if I can figure out different ways of portraying the hatred, anger, and rage captured by FUCK without using the word.

Let's have a little story time with Hazelmaeslandingstrip. So get your coffee, grab some breakfast and sit on ole Grandpa's lap (just ignore that little poke, its perfectly natural). By far the low point of my vacation was Christmas night, when without warning my entire digestive system decided to hit the self destruct button, all while being trapped at my Fiance's house. Now it could have been the bacon covered water chestnuts, or dozens of cookies, or that I tried to fit in by drinking Knob Creek straight with the inlaws. I don't know I'm not a doctor. But from around midnight till 3 oclock the next afternoon a majority of my time was spent hugging the porcelain god. Now, I have been sick many times in my life, but I can tell you there is nothing more embarrassing than waking up your future in laws to the sounds of your violent heaving and intestines hitting the ground. The sounds coming out of my mouth can only be described as a mix of a Bjork album with a Poodle getting hit by a steamroller. We were all going to go skiing the next morning, and well I had trouble standing let alone flying down a mountain. FAIL. The plague that hit me, along with the rest of the family being sick, caused us to bail on the ski weekend, and I laid in bed for what seemed like two days. Remember those stupid posts about Brady and Gisele and Chris Berman? After Raquel warned me to "Step away from Blogspot", I finally realized that both my posts were a) retarded b) sophomoric, but not in a good MH way. Yeah, getting sick sucked.

Well anyways, story time with HZMLS is over. The Celtics lost to the much improved Knicks last night, um a certain Boston College was all over the news with both an EPIC win over UNC, and the possible firing of Coach Jags for interviewing with the Jets (which I will hit upon later). Question for the Hysterics: If you had a Christmas break, did you do anything fun? If you didn't, how much did it suck working when you know everyone else in the free world did not have to work?


Rocco said...

I'll consider only working 2 days each of the past 2 weeks as Christmas break. By far the best day was the 30th, where 6 of us got together at 9am for a full day of Madden, Golden Tee, indoor golf at Frog Hair, and massive amounts of beer. I also got some good skiing in. Thanks for asking.

GHABB,Y~! said...

I'm still going to say "fuck" in my posts, so not to worry.

Gweemus said...

My wife and I stole our kids Nintendo DS consoles (brand new from Grandpa!) and basically played tens of hours of Mario Kart. So thumbs up! Happy New Year!