Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Your Gaylord Bowl Preview

Today will be the pinnacle of the Boston College season, and what a journey it has been. BC fans have seen the highs and lows of a team that has been more inconsistent than Dane Cook's career. Big wins over Maryland, Wake Forest, Florida State and Virginia Tech. Hair pulling losses to Georgia Tech, Clemson and the same Virginia Tech on national television. BC has shown the country what a top notch defense looks like, with Mark Herzlich, BJ Raji, Mike McLaughlin and a solid secondary that leads the nation in interceptions. On the other hand our offense is a turnover factory, even more so after the injury to Chris Crane. Redshirt Freshman QB Dominique Davis has more than likely played himself out of a job after turning the ball over 5,632 times against VT in the ACC Championship. And this has all led up to the Gaylord Music City Bowl.

This year our competition is the Vanderbilt Commodores, a pitiful competition from the SEC. Yes, the ACC runner up is playing a team that is 6-6, and losers of 6 out of 7. But wait, give Vandy a break, they play in the SEC and must have a tough schedule. Oh no no no, they beat Auburn, Kentucky, and South Carolina. Their low points? GETTING THEIR ASS HANDED TO THEM BY TENNESSEE (and Florida). Why the fuck does BC have to play teams like this EVERY YEAR. Every year BC puts together a solid season, beating good ACC opponents, and every year the Bowl selection committee over looks them in favor of teams like Clemson and FSU (you know teams we BEAT). Instead of playing a team like LSU, Nebraska or Wisconsin, year after year its a Vanderbilt, a Colorado, Navy, or a UNC.

Is BC going to win this Bowl game? I hope so. The one thing I know about Vanderbilt is that they have a pretty good defense. This game will probably be filled with mistakes on both ends, and Merrill Hoge will love this "THE TEAM THAT WINS THE TURNOVER BATTLE WILL WIN THE GAME". I expect Mark Herzlich to dominate this game, maybe 2 interceptions and a forced fumble. If you hate BC, or are completely ambivalent about college football, do yourself a favor and watch the BC defense for a little bit. Herzy is a monster, who basically runs an entire half of the field by himself. I can't say enough about him, he's going to be a sick NFL player whenever he decides to go pro. Every hit he makes could end the other players career, he hits so fucking hard. Offensively, if BC can just run the ball with Davis and freshman Montell Harris, they could control the clock and prevent Davis from imploding.

But check back today, GHABBY is going to do a liveblog of the game later today, unfortunately I will be unable to attend, though you may here from me at points. GHABBY promises to be drunk, so stick around he may go into a diabetic coma! Anyways, my prediction? BC is going to win 24-6. Yay BC!

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Rocco said...

That's what happens when you don't respect your opponent!