Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yes, Matt Ryan is that Good

When Matt Ryan was drafted 3rd many of you were very upset with
the choice, while others felt he would be a bust. I understand that many of you felt that he would never hold a jock strap to your former incarcerated QB. Look Matt is isn't going to run around and make plays with his feet, but he is something Michael Vick never was. AN NFL QUARTERBACK. Today Matty is your AP Rookie of the Year, yes he even beat out Chris Johnson and Matt Forte who both had excellent seasons. And oh yeah, Matt is playing in the playoffs. Enjoy the best young QB in football right now, though it doesn't seem like you deserve him. For your enjoyment this was a comment on one of those blog articles, have a great Tuesday!

"Matt Ryan will stink in the NFL, I've seen him play at BC the last couple of seasons and have seen him make horrible decisions and blow every big game he's been in with the exception of the V-tech game this last year. I still can't believe the hype on this kid, I smell Kyle Boller all over this kid... And please keep this so in 4 years I tell you "I told you so."

Additional Editorial Info:
In case Brady and Cassel leave, I wanted to see something....

...Oh yeah.....


Boatdrinks said...

heh heh heh...best when you are right and someone else is SO wrong. I had not opinion one of Matty. Happy for you, dude!

shaun said...


BTW played the 2011 ACC title game vs GT. Davis threw 4 INT, put Tuggle in...kid was 12-12 for 84 yards...31-21 win.

Playing Texas for the national title since Alabama lost and fell from #1.