Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Very Best of Mass Hysteria 2008: Part 3

In a spectacular gesture of narcissism, the editors of Mass Hysteria will be sharing their favorite pieces of 2008 with you, their loyal readers, this week. Some are old; some are new; all are deeply imbued with the kind of rabid Boston fandom you've come to expect from this fine website. Please to enjoy, and many thanks to all of you for your support these past few months! Happy New Year to all!

So even though I've only been on this site since late September, I was able to crank out some of my favorite posts from the year. I look forward to continuing to share my thoughts with our readers next year, and I promise that if there is ever a Mass Hysteria get-together in '09, I'll be sure to reinforce every stereotype you guys no doubt have about me.

10. The 2008 ALDS Recap. Just in case you forgot how crazy this series was.

9. If there's one thing Sox fans love, it's a Yankee elimination party.

8. The TBS announcers for the ALCS were - and I mean this in the nicest way possible - fucking disgraceful.

7. Surprisingly enough, this post did not result in me getting any more friends on MySpace.

6. No matter the eventual outcome of the ALCS, I'll always remember the greatest game I've ever seen.

5. URI's Jimmy Baron spends quite a bit of time fine-tuning his three-point shot.

4. I don't often get all sappy and shit, but goddamn I love me some Marty Barrett. And some Dustin Pedroia.

3. We've all had fun at the ballpark. But perhaps never this much fun.

2. Yes, I love college hoops. No, I will not help you fill out your bracket this March.

1. My absolute favorite thing I've ever written for Mass Hysteria was my first post - the guest post I did previewing Week 3 in our Fantasy Football League. If it wasn't for that post, I likely wouldn't even be an editor on this site.

Thanks for a great year, and Happy New Year everyone!

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