Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Very Best of Mass Hysteria 2008: Part 1

In a spectacular gesture of narcissism, the editors of Mass Hysteria will be sharing their favorite pieces of 2008 with you, their loyal readers, this week. Some are old; some are new; all are deeply imbued with the kind of rabid Boston fandom you've come to expect from this fine website. Please to enjoy, and many thanks to all of you for your support these past few months! Happy New Year to all!

I'll start this party off, as I haven't posted in days and will be unlikely to do so again until well after New Year's. I'm very excited to share my Top 10 favorite posts I've written this year with all of you -- you know, from back when I was futuremrsrickankiel. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and in honor of my favorite tag:

10. I'm opening with a post that's actually from my long-forgotten first blog, which loyal readers Pepster and Rocco will doubtless recall: a groggy and somewhat abortive liveglog of Red Sox Opening Day in Japan. Please note the "PUT IN JED LOWRIE" refrain already making an appearance, despite this being the first game of the season.

9. Despite the giddy thrill of that first morning of baseball, I still had to break up with someone this season. It wasn't easy.

8. By this point, you're all doubtless familiar with the fact that hockey is the sport about which I am most fond of waxing philosophical. In the thick of last year's heady playoffs battle with Montreal, I wrote some of my most impassioned pleas for Bruins support -- which nobody read, since it was April and we hadn't made the site available for public viewing yet. Here's one of them, anyway.

7. I guess this has to make the cut, since it's the post that's caused the most stir over here: the infamous pink hat post.

6. This is actually a pair of posts. When my Bruins aren't playing, I sometimes amuse myself by obsessing about baseball statistics -- particularly ones involving pitching. Behold: my analyses of tragic figure Craig Hansen and the enigmatic Hideki Okajima.

5. I was at the post-Celtics victory riots! Well, kind of.

4. In easily my most depressing post to date, I expounded upon the need to trade Manny Ramirez just a week before he was sent packing to the Dodgers.

3. I've actually done this a few times, but you never forget your first. Or your most unnecessarily histrionic.

2. Yeah, I fucking hate the Giants. And don't you ever forget it.

1. Honestly, the breakfast post I wrote the morning after we lost to the Rays in Game 7 of the the ALCS is my favorite thing I've written for this site. That loss was very emotional for me (ask GHABB,Y~!... he's the one I called bawling after the game ended), and I think it served to crystallize something very important about just why I love sports. I'm proud of more than a few lines in there.

Stay tuned for more goodness from my fellow idiots, darlings, and travel safe if you're going anywhere for the holidays. May you all have attractive and non-syphilitic people to kiss on New Year's.


Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

I heart the Giants hate post. The world needs more of that.

Gweemus said...

Thanks for the recap of your posting year...Happy New Year!

nfsffw said...

The Giants post is my Favorite Post Ever, not just on MH but on any blog.
I hate those fuckers, even worse than I hate the yanx and jets.

My word is "petrot". One of my 4 dogs' name is Trot. Guess what I'm off to do?