Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Christmas Brain Smoosh

So my favorite Christmas present was getting violently sick on Xmas night. I had to skip a day of skiing and instead tried to recuperate after a night of launching my insides into a toilet bowl. I am a complete waste of space right now; I can hardly move, and well, there is nothing but SHIT on TV on December 26th. So what do I watch? ESPN - so I can hear Stuart Scott refer to Kobe Bryant as equivalent "to two players of the Celtics big three," Michael Wilbon refer to Pau Gasol as the answer to Kobe's prayers (HEY WILBON WHEN HE STOPS PLAYING LIKE A PUSSY IN THE PLAYOFFS YOU CAN MAKE THAT ANNOUNCEMENT), and the posted commercial above. If you are having post Christmas holiday blues I recommend avoiding it. .....AND ESPN IS STILL TALKING ABOUT THE CELTICS GAME!

Oh post script :
"The Lakers are clearly the best team in the NBA"
" Clearly the Lakers have a mental edge over the Celtics"
(both submitted by Sportscenter viewers, who obviously drank paint thinner as children)

/I'm going to try to lay down and not die


Shaun said...

Fuck the Lakers. In the ass. With a rusty ice pick.

Hope you feel better soon, HMLS.

Rocco said...

There seems to be a lot of weak immune systems among the MH editors. I wonder...