Friday, December 26, 2008

OMG! Tom and Gisele are totally engaged!!!!

Up the minute information coming into Mass Hysteria Studios. Super hunk and Patriots QB Tom Brady is reportedly now engaged to model Gisele Bunchden, after popping the question on Christmas Eve. Word from super reliable , says that the dreamboat loaded his private jet with four dozen roses, and champagne and popped the question during the flight. What a romantic!!! Wow, Gisele is one lucky lady to land a stud who not only makes the big money but is a great person at heart. Bridget Moynahan could not be reached for comment, but like who cares she is a total whale anyways. More super breaking news and updates from Perez Hilton as soon as they become available.

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nfsffw said...

Just read this blurb:

"NBCSports' Tom Curran reports that Tom Brady's recovery from ACL and MCL surgery is "well" behind schedule.

Curran says that since Brady had staph infections cleared from his knee, both ligaments remain "loose" and scar tissue may need to be removed through yet another surgery. Brady's knee reportedly has little mobility and his quadriceps have been affected. Curran also reports that another surgery will not improve the looseness in the ligaments. That could seriously jeopardize Brady's 2009 season and force the Pats to franchise tag Matt Cassel.


Sucks for Brady, but I wouldn't mind seeing Cassel back AT ALL.

In other news, looks like the Pats have pretty well done their job, the weather may have broken enough in Boston for the MH crew to get to the bars, and it's time to cheer for the dog ass jets/jacksonville.