Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Everything is Black- Your Long Awaited ACC Championship Recap

It took me four days to muster up the balls to write about what happened in Tampa Bay on Saturday. I figured you all deserved something that was a bit more lucid and less tangential, which is exactly what you would have gotten if I had posted on Monday. After the game Saturday, I was not a very happy camper, I ended up snapping at my fiance, and sleeping on the couch. Now you still are going to get alot of anger, blame and being fucking pissed off at everything, but today it will be an "8" instead of an "11". This week was the biggest of epic failures for BC football. It was like the previous 12 weeks were the seeds to implant hope in BC's uterus, and the Championship game was the coathanger that ripped it out. This was just another game in BC's storied history of blowing big games that could have been huge in shaping the future of their football program.

I can't even explain how depressing this game was. It's hard to even come up with the words to describe the performance of the coaching staff, Dominique Davis, the Defense and Richie "FUMBLE THE FUCKING BALL UNTOUCHED ON THE FIVE YARD LINE" Gunnell. They were just one big gigantic clusterfuck of failure dressed in maroon and gold with shoulder pads and helmets. To start with Davis, he looked completely lost, missed wide open receivers, and made mistakes that made Chris Crane look like a master game manager. The Eagles had every chance to win this game and they didn't. Virginia Tech even with scoring 31 points, could have lost this game, if BC was so hell bent on turning the ball over on stupid fucking plays. AHHHHH. (Sorry moment of temporary insanity).

So what is our consolation prize for losing in the ACC Championship Game? Gator/Peach/Champ Sports against a good team from the Big 12 or SEC? No the Eagles are going to the Gaylord Music City Bowl....Yes the Gaylord Bowl, to play the 6-6 Commodores of Vanderbilt. So let me get this straight...We were one game away from a fucking BCS game, and we now get to play a team that has lost 6 out of its last 7? How the hell is this possible? Why is it year after year the Eagles get hosed by the Bowl Sponsors and end up playing some team that is vastly inferior to them. I would have LOVED to see BC-LSU, or BC-Nebraska, but no we get Vanderbilt. VANDERBILT. Yeah I get it, bowls are usually selected based on the profitability of their fanbase, but if a team never gets a chance at a decent bowl, why would their fans ever travel? This is circular logic that fucks BC over year after year.

Though I appear belligerent and inconsolable, I have taken solace out of this game. Everything that happened this year was incredible, and the fact that we even made it to a ACC Championship game with Chris Crane/Dominique Dawes at QB is a fricken miracle. When this team began to win games I was surprised, and the fact that they persevered through a wave of injuries to crucial players is commendable. And the outlook for next year seems to be bright too. I have to believe that my boy Mark Herzlich will be back next season, and would it be out of line if I say that he would be one of the nations top defenders if he does? Hopefully Jags will figure out a QB, whether he sticks with Davis or moves on to redshirted freshman Jesse Tuggle. So it looks like it is time to move on, and get ready for the Gaylord Bowl. I've gotta stay positive, that's what my therapist told me is the only way I can move on. Bah Fuck it.


Worthington P. Foxtrotty said...

A preview of the hellfire that awaits you in the hereafter, Papists!

Rocco said...

I watched the game. I was rooting for BC. Fuck VT. I don't know if VT is really that good or not, but BC was pathetic. Their vaunted D got carved up, and that "offense" was about as useful as a broken dick.

And that should earn them, at 9-4, a better bowl game?

nfsffw said...

It really can't get worse than the Gaylord Bowl, can it? Jeesh. Not to mention it's a friggin home game for Vandy.
Getting to the Orange Bowl this year might not have been incredibly prestigious - Cincy's a joke - but it would have put BC with the big boys, applied the BCS tag, and brought in a shitpile of money, all of which would be great for the program.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

/no gaylording