Monday, December 29, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

So this is how the Patriots season ends. A win yesterday completed a perfect December. An 11-5 season. Over the past few months we saw Matt Cassel emerge as an every-day NFL starter for years to come. And yet we won't see how he'll perform in the playoffs. Or how this Patriots team will perform in the playoffs. Would they have gone far? Doubtful, but anything can happen once you're in the dance. It's hard to be too upset though; what more could you have asked from this team? I don't want to use injuries as an excuse, but more as a mere fact: this team was hurt. Banged up. REALLY badly. And they still managed to go 11-5. It's a real testiment to the coaching staff, the players who filled in and even the regular every-day players who were healthy for the entire year. When it's all said and done, we should look back on this season as a tremendous success. I'm sure HzMLS will have more on this game coming up. Also, he may touch on OMG MATT RYAN IS IN TEH PLAY0FFZ!!!

Helping to put this loss (as well as losses to the Lakers and *gulp* Golden State) in the rearview were the Boston Celtics, who unleashed an insane beatdown of the Sac-town Kings last night. Ray Allen, KG, and my man Perkins all got in the act, dominating the paint on both ends of the floor. I know it doesn't make the SportsCenter highlights, but goddamn this team's defense is a joy to watch. Add three Bruins wins to the mix - making it four in a row all on the road - and Boston sports is looking good for the rest of the winter.

I guess this is where I should launch into a rant about Brett Favre. About how he's not very good at football. About how I don't understand why people think he is. But I mean, what can I say that you can't already figure out from watching him play? If our playoff hopes were hinging on him coming through in a big game, was over before it started.

Go Patriots.


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Time to hop aboard the Bruins bandwagon! WOOOOOOO

nfsffw said...

I felt really dirty pulling for the fucking Jets and their inbred QB yesterday, kinda like a married man getting shitfaced in TJ and getting a rusty trombone from a 300 pound hooker.
Never again.

If there's one bright spot out of this dark and bitter day, it's that Mangina has now joined the ever growing ranks of the unemployed. Guess who'll be getting a call soon for permission to interview McDaniel?

I really hate the dog ass fucking Jets.

Go Bruins...

Boatdrinks said...

I found I could not root for the Jets, even to allow the Pats to prevail. I used the "let fate decide" which worked out how I figured.
My dislike of the Favre is sooooo strong. Sigh. I will have a beer and think about it.