Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Good morning everyone! All I can tell you is that if you missed the Celtics last night, missed a lot. Holy shit, what a game. A lot of people I've talked to had the same thought as me. This wasn't going to be their night. Playing a tough team on the road - a team by the way that had just ended the Cavs streak - well...the C's were due to drop one. 15 straight, 23-2...and when the Hawks jumped out to the lead, Celtics were missing shots like crazy, Atlanta was all jacked up and shit, well...this was the game. They were going to lose one. You'd think a fan like me would just throw up his hands and say "Aw shucks, this just isn't our night." But no. For one, I never say shucks. And two, I fucking hate the Hawks. I hate every single fucking player on that team - NO exceptions. So when I watched KG just go off, posting up Josh Smith like he was a child, and then the string of expletives that came out of his mouth on his way back up the was AWESOME. To the tune of an 88-85 win, 16 straight and a 24-2 record. I better shut up as to not steal GHABB,Y~!'s thunder...he has more on this game coming up.

One streak did come to an end last night, however. The previous 25-2-3 San Jose Sharks lost in overtime to Columbus, thanks to rookie goalie Steve Mason and his 47 saves. The Sharks were off to the best start in NHL history, but the Blue Jackets care not for your history lesson.

And speaking of history (what a segue!), the weather report for tomorrow and into the weekend is giving me Vietnam-like flashbacks to last year, where I endured the most hellish commute home from work EVER. Seriously took me like 4 hours to travel about 15 miles in an insane snowstorm. I saw cars abandoned on roads and heard tales of Gatorade bottles filled with the urine of motorists and tossed along the snowy highways. The reports of 6-12 inches falling rapidly starting at noon tomorrow make me want to contract some sort of 24-hour bug this evening and skip the entire trek all together. But I won't because I am a slave to the man. I'll just fill my car with a bunch of empty bottles for the commute and be on my way. So I ask you Bostonians (and others) - Any gruesome tales of a snowy journey you'd be willing to share?


Raquel said...

STEVE MASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raquel said...

Oh, and one time I was stuck in O'Hare Airport for 12 hours during a snowstorm. But they have lots of Starbucks kiosks there, so I was fine.

Pepster said...

You can have your Starbucks artist formerly known as futuremrsrickankiel. I was stuck for 24 hours on a plane on the tarmac in Louisville. Boy, was that fun!

The A-Train said...

Nothing too bad. Drove through a couple of blizzards, they're not too bad as long as you don't need to turn or stop quickly. Then you're fucked.

I did slip on some black ice this morning though. I was walking to my car and said "self, that looks like black ice up ahead. I better be extra careful so I don't-" and then I found myself laying on my side. I had slipped on some black ice I didn't see. It wasn't too bad, as the ground broke my fall.

Also, the last bit of that game was tedious to watch. thankfully my roommate had ordered a mudslide while we were at applebees so my friends and I amused ourselves by poking fun at him. He claimed he wanted a milkshake, but was entirely unaware that mudslides are a drink for wusses and girls like Raquel (well, not exactly like Raquel. But ones with boobs and stuff)

Rocco said...

Oh yeah. When I worked in Murray Hill, NJ, it was like people had never seen snow. It was definitely a pretty bad storm. Heavy snow that was crushing trees and power lines. Cars not able to drive up slight inclines. It took me about 5 hours to drive the 20 miles or so home along the back roads. 4x4, never leave home without it.

I've also had some hairy drives up I-81 from Syracuse to Watertown on my way from Buffalo to Lake Placid. That is not a road you want to be on during a blizzard.

I was the lucky volunteer to go pick up a pizza the night of the Surprise Storm in October 2006. The drive home along the NYS Thruway was cool. Heavy snowfall and lightning. Ver sureal.
October Storm

Yes, I get all excited about winter and snow. I ski.

Anonymous said...

I know I have whined about last year's three hour trip home. I am bugging out early to avoid all the ass fucks. I don't mind driving slow, but don't drive 7mph slower than I want to drive and get in my way, because then I will do the math on how much longer my drive will take...and start swearing...

Snow is pretty. Just snow from 11pm to 3am and get the roads cleaned before I want to drive. Oh, it doesn't work that way? Sheeit.

Anonymous said...

PS: I remember a drive from our house in Baldwinsville (near Syracuse) to Brockport to pick up my brother. It was awesome...blinding white Thruway, blinding white awesomely huge snowflakes, nighttime. I have no clue why my Mom let my Dad take us. Lake effect is great.

I will say, Lake Effect doesn't seem to have the water content of these east coasters I get here in Albany. The windshield wiper buildup...ugh.

Rocco said...

@Boatdrinks: That's odd, cause our lake effect snow in WNY usually has a high snow-water ratio, as compared to "Utah powder" or the like. Maybe it's the colder temps and it's not so slushy when it hits cars and the ground.

God I love snow.

The A-Train said...

I went to college in Albany and found the winters to be pretty tame in comparison to the ones we get out here in WNY. It was still cold, but the snowfall wasn't shit compared to what we get here.

Anonymous said...

I think the difference is that the "noreaster" is way wetter after it lands and sets. It is rock hard to push. Lake effect is definitely wetter than out west, but drier than these nasty ones.

You know how you can push and run across the driveway with a good 4" ? These bad boys are rocklike even with 4" and you can't hardly move them. UGH. HATE.

Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

Hyuck Hyuck, 4 inches