Thursday, December 11, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

There were two games last night in Boston sports. Bruins dropped one against the Capitals, which probably led Raquel to large amounts of boozing, and BC beating Bryant University at Conte Forum. Yeah I honestly had to look up Bryant, because last I checked they were a "College" and were DII. Well research shows that last year was their first year as a DI school and they achieved "University" status like 5 years ago. Sad part about last nights game was, BC let this team back into the game when they were up by like 30 at one point. BC ended up winning by 19, but playing a team this crappy you are hoping for a blowout, you want to send that team home feeling like they were just castrated and fed their dick. Just to clarify, I have no expectations for the BC basketball team this year, I think Tyrese Rice is going to have an off year, and that they are going to get smoked in ACC play. Though we do have a guy named Reggie Jackson, and that is pretty awesome.

The other day I was spending a Saturday morning at home after a night on the town. I had a headache, I was hungover as hell, and the thought of moving made me queasy. It was one of those mornings where you have a hard time holding down anything that isn't bread or water. So doing what most people do on a Saturday, I turned on the TV and watched hours upon hours of mindless television. Usually during the fall the options are pretty limited, you can watch college football (featuring two teams in a conference that matters squat), reality television on MTV or VH1 or a movie on TBS/TNT/USA. I have to say sometimes I get sucked in by these reality shows, and in the past have spent entire days watching the Flavor of Love, or that equally retarded show with Brett Michaels. But today was going to be different.

When I turned on TBS I got the treat of watching Rookie of the Year, one of my favorite sports movies as a kid. Yes I know the story line is stupid and the action is very predictable. What other movie can you have the story of a kid, who gets a talent to throw a 100 mph fast ball, loses it, and still wins the pennant. Easily the best part of the movie is when Henry loses his fastball and has to figure out how to get three outs to win the game. The hidden ball trick?? BRILLIANT! Calling the player a chicken. OUTSTANDING!. And to make the movie even better include John Candy before he ate himself to death! I've gotta say that as a kid what happened to Henry was a dream of mine, well everything but the pitching for the Cubs part. Well anyways, to make the day even better immediately following ROTY was Little Big League. Yes the movie about a 10 year old kid who becomes the owner of the Minnesota Twins. Jesus Christ my day couldn't get any better. There I sat watching what seemed like seven hours of kids sports movies on Cable, entire day wasted. My question for you, when you were a kid what was your favorite sports movie?

Also as a reminder the 1st Annual MH's Sh!tshow College Bowl Pickem is open and ready for your entry. Even if you don't know the difference between the Texas Longhorns and the Texas Tech Aggies you can join. Show the editors of MH how much you know about college football, and make HZMLS, Smarty Barrett, Raquel and GHABBY look like the morons they are! Just click on the massively long hyperlink to sign up!


Pepster said...

Being a bit older than all of you, I was already past kid stage when both Little Big League and Rookie of the Year came out.

Although still a bit before my time, I really loved The Bad News Bears (with Matheau), but being a bit of a Hoopster, my favorite movie changed to Hoosiers about 3 seconds after the movie dropped.

Raquel said...

Shouldn't be too difficult to guess mine.

The A-Train said...

I still consider myself a kid. Shit, I've got transformers and GI Joes on my desk at work.

I didn't watch a lot of movies as a kid, mainly because my mom felt that a good book was far superior to a movie.

Murph said...