Monday, December 1, 2008

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Welcome back from what hopefully was a long weekend for you all. Hope you all got a chance to devour enough calories in one sitting to sustain a child in a 3rd world nation for two years. I know I certainly did: turkey, stuffing, canned cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, rolls, some sort of carrot soup, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, blueberry pie ice cream. Plus I still have 3/4's of a pumpkin pie to keep me going all week, my waistline just expanded thinking about that. But anyways Thanksgiving was pretty relaxful in the Landing Strip household, good times with relatives, awkward stories about times passed, and of course irrational arguments. Lets just say that I have a set of grandparents that moved out of the North Shore because the blacks were moving in, and well who just got elected as President of the United States? Yeah, I got to hear about how that Muslim black guy (I toned it down here for my own sanity) was going to ruin our good White Christian country. Plus, for this Thanksgiving, we went with no booze! Fun fun fun.

There was alot of sporting events that occurred over the long weekend as well. The Celtics and Bruins (?) continued their dominant ways with convincing wins, the BC Eagles moved one step closer to an Orange Bowl bid, and well the Patriots plopped a giant heaping pile of shit at Gillette stadium on Sunday. Oh and Plexico Burress is a great big giant douche, who "Cheddar Bob"'d himself at a NY City club along with his equally moronic friends Ahman Bradshaw and Antonio Pierce. Pierce basically hid the gun for Burress, drove him to the hospital and got the fuck out of dodge before the Police could link him to the accident. He ain't no snitch. Bradshaw, well he already has a laundry list of priors, and could be in a boatload of trouble for being involved in the shooting. Eat shit Giants.

Well it's back to work for all of us at Mass Hysteria, and nothing sucks more then getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend. Boss is on your case to catch up with all the work you missed, you are exhausted from not sleeping at all during the time you should have been recharging your battery, and it's a miserable day out weather wise. Hey at least I have all of you here at MH to keep me sane, question for the masses: Did you all have a good thanksgiving? Any good stories out there?


Rocco said...

I have to say that playing hockey outside on the rink from the Winter Classic Thanksgiving morning was one of the best times ever.

Anonymous said...

I ate. Then I ate. Followed by a bit of eating. And then on Saturday I cooked and ate again. And again and again on Sunday.
So far I am at standard calorie intake but it feels WEIRD.
Also, ah Drank, down dat.
I enjoy my Dad, he is where I got all my weirdness. But he is getting deaf, and a weekend involves multiple hours with the TV at 45 setting, when I would use 20-25. Then he makes cracks when I have it at 38 about "well, I guess you didn't want me to hear that".

Anonymous said...

Oh, yea, "casual" comments about Obama, showing that Dad is aware it is bigotted to think B.O. could not lead our nation, but is willing to walk in the neighborhood with a step back position if you ask what he really means by just saying stuff like "oh, I was just wondering."
Better than he could be and has been in the past but not comfortable, yea.
ps: had fake word "cataint" earlier. Is that really cat ain't? Or cat taint? Oh, back to work