Monday, December 8, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight!

Bruins v. Lightning, 7:00 pm.

Another day, another game against a shitty Southeast Division team. Tonight's match-up against Tampa Bay kicks off what will be a busy week for the boys in black and gold, as we've got games today, Wednesday, Friday, AND Saturday. (Friday and Saturday, in fact, are a pair of games against the Thrashers... one at home, one away. How terribly uninteresting.) Steel yourselves, gang... with the exception of a lone visit from Toronto next week, we're stuck with shitty non-divisional match-ups until after New Year's. WOO.

We last faced the Lightning on Thursday, at which point I used up all of my Barry Melrose jokes while also overdosing on Vince Lecavalier's porcelain good looks; that game resulted in a ho-hum 3-1 win for the B's. The Bolts haven't won a game since November 21 (they've gone 0-5-2 since then). Meanwhile, the Bruins are streaking all over the place. Phil Kessel is working on the league's longest current point streak at 11 games, during which he's racked up 9 goals and 5 assists. David Krejci's point streak is currently at 8 games with 5-9=14 totals, including a short-handed game-winner against this same Tampa Bay team last Thursday and a career-high 3 assists against Florida on Saturday. Even rookie Matt Hunwick is getting in on the fun, as he's scored in 7 of his last 9 games with 3 goals and 6 assists. Not to be outdone, Marc Savard's got 16 points in his last 11, because, you know, he's a fucking monster. Oh, and a win tonight will be the Bruins 10th straight home victory. Seriously, though, it's not a big deal.

Incidentally, in case you were still wondering who it would "B" (guhhhhh), Johnny Boychuk departed for the AHL yesterday, so it'll be Matt Lashoff continuing to fill in for Aaron Ward for now.

A quick non-Boston sports note, since apparently we're allowed to do that on here: those of you who've wandered on over to Footbawful are most likely aware that I've been harboring a massive team crush on the Carolina Panthers since about Week 2 of this season. In what may very well be the only decent match-up this season's MNF slate has offered up, the 9-3 Panthers will face their also-9-3-division rival Buccaneers tonight. I'll be livewhatevering it over at KSK after the Bruins game, so stop by if you can!

Frivolous wager of the night: As long as we're making fun of moronic headlines today, how about the odds on possible headlines for tonight's outcome?

B's Beat Bolts 2:1

The Wheel Deal 4:1

Thomas Tops Tampa 10:1

More is Kess 25:1

Bruins Win Dull Home Game Against League's Worst Team, Leading Hockey Fans Everywhere to Once Again Question the Purpose of Expansion Teams in a Sport Already Struggling to Garner Mainstream Attention 500:1

Lightning Storm Back 50,000:1, not because this isn't exactly the kind of drivel I'd expect, but because this would require the Lightning winning

Serious prediction of the night: Points for Kess, Krejci, and Wheels to keep their streaks alive; 5-2, Bruins.

Consider this your open thread for any and all ramblings, game-related and otherwise. Go Bruins!


Hazel Maes Landing Strip said...

19-4? Jesus, I can't imagine the glee FutureMrs is feeling right now....

futuremrsrickankiel said...

19-4-4... don't forget those 4 points at the end, love :)

Mathemagician said...

Another solid win for the Black & Gold, despite a bit of laziness after dominating the first period.

I'd say this team is playing impossibly well if I wasn't convinced that the Providence Bruins could go undefeated against the Southeast Division this month.

stanley cup of chowder said...

That 50,000 to 1 shot almost came true. They went with "B's Beat Bolts, 5-3, for 5th Straight Win"

Did you like my "The Train Wreck known as The Tampa Bay Lightning pulls into North Station"? I am gunning for that headliner writer's job.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

I liked how Brick was trying to convince us all that the Bolts simply haven't had enough time to PRACTICE this season because they've been so busy PLAYING GAMES. It's just not fair, dammit!

WTF happened to Mike Smith tonight?! He's better than that...

Rocco said...

4 extra points, or goals? ;)

Ok, that horse is dead.

Don't look now, but Buffalo is getting their game together. Last night versus Pittsburgh was one of the most exciting games I've watched all year.