Thursday, December 11, 2008

Boston Sports Tonight: Take 2!

Celtics @ Wizards, 8:00 pm. We find ourselves in D.C. once again tonight. The Celtics -- who, like their counterparts on ice, are first in the Eastern Conference -- will face the worst-in-the-east Washington Wizards. A win tonight will extend the Celts' win streak to 13 and definitely prove that we're, um, really good and stuff. The ever-growing awesome that is Rajon Rondo (currently leading the team in assists with 7.6 per game while 4th overall in both points and rebounds) put up his first career triple-double over the Pacers a few weeks back and will seek to lead the Celts to what should be an easy victory tonight.

Frivolous Wager of the Night: The Wizards are coming off a massive ménage à trois with the equally shitty Grizzlies and the slumming-it-for-a-night Hornets that brought guards Mike James and Javaris Crittenton to Washington. You know what I bet? I bet it won't make a fuck bit of difference.

Serious Prediction of the Night: Dear god the Wizards are 4-15. We're 20-2. I just... I can't even look. NEXT!

While you mull that over, let me tell you a little story.

So I get the email newsletter, or whatever. You know. Hockey stuff. And get it this afternoon, and I see this thing in it that's all "LUNDQVIST AND MILLER, HEAD TO HEAD" or something of that nature, and I get all flushed and my panties start to get all damp because I love both Ryan Miller and Henrik Lundqvist, and assume (reasonably, I suppose) that the headline is about a match-up between the Sabres and the Rangers tonight. So, like, I write up this whole post, all fancy-like, in which I talk about the Celtics but also suggest that you tune into this supposed hockey game. And I get even more excited, because I have this really hot picture of Lundqvist that I've been dying to use in a post, and I'm all "WOO HOCKEY AND GOOD-LOOKING MEN!" and everything is peachy. So, you know, I put up my post, thinking I'm awesome and all that, and then I click on over to the Sabres' website to read the game preview so I can get even MORE turned on in anticipation of the netminding duel I'm convinced, at this point, is coming my way.

Only, you know, because I'm a dipshit, there's not actually a Rangers/Sabres game tonight, and that article was just one of those stupid "let's mush around some stats to fill newsletter space" fluff pieces that got me ALL FUCKING WORKED UP FOR NOTHING. GODDAMN IT.

So: am I just a total idiot? Is exacting its revenge on me for mocking their headline writers? Or is the universe punishing me for my lack of fidelity to my Celtics?

Either way, I don't care and I'm posting that picture of Henrik anyway.


Anonymous said...

Great picture. Worth a post of its own!

Rocco said...

You get a pass on that one. Misleading headline, and it's pretty hard to find an NHL schedule anyway.

Thanks TB for beating the Habs!