Sunday, November 16, 2008

So Fights And Stuff

Ok so maybe Im a bit drunk perhaps maybe but the fights were awesome in the most awesomest way. We saw a dude's face get upunched in in slowwww motion and Kenny Florian is an awesome dude from Boston and he won and shit. But in the main event I was rooting for Randy Couture and Doug was rooting for Brock and Doug won cause Brock punched him hard in the head and then in teh face and stuff and it mustve hurt randy casue then Randy lost and it was sad. But we all had a great time thought he Hoooters waitess sucked cause she didnt bring beer fast enugh for us to drink though i still had like nine beers or soemthing and I kept telling peopel "hey man, theres another pitcher thats not gonna drink itself" so I drank alot of it and now I feel awesome and my glfriend is making a Chorizo from Karl's sausage kitchn and we argued cause I think its pronounced "Chorit-zo" ansd she sais theres no T but I say that the pronuncuiantion has a T so there. Anyways the fights were awesome and dudes got knocked the fuck out and stuff and wings were awesome and you totally shoulve been there cause we drank alot of beer and it ruled and SmartyBarrett and Futuremrs drank beer with us and my friends and it ruled, even though Futuremrs is a dirty vegan and therefore only had fried pickles while I ate AWESOME WINGS OF AWESOMENESS. Seriously I looked down on my plate of bones and was like "wow, I"m the manlienst man ever because look how many wings I just ate, I could conquer the ottoman empire solely with my wing-eating abilty and manliness cause I ate so many wings." OK i didn't say that out lout but I was totaly thinking it. I was genghis kahn all over that shit, and not even the genghis kahn of waynes world but the real one who fucked shit up and shit.

Anyways what was I say8ing oh yeah, the fights and Hooters and stuf and it was even cooler cause at one point there wer efights, and BC and the Celtics and the Briuins in front of us at one time and I was like "this must be what heaven is like, with all the TVs on really cool shit" and then I started focusing on the dude who was getting his faced caved in and that ruled and shit. You know whats awesoe about beer is EVERTYTHIGN. I know i spelt that wrong biut I dont care cause fuck your mother.

The moral of this story is that Brock Lesnar won the title with face punching and shit and we drank a lot of beer and ate wings and our waitress was kind of a cunty cuntenstein so we left her a shitty tip cause she showed up to our table like once every half hour, which did not sastify our desire for more cheap beer in large pichers but we still drank a lot cause we're awesome in the face. THE END.


Anonymous said...

you blew a burp on my foot.
ps.thatdude totaly got his face punchedin. concavity!

Anonymous said...

Gabriel Gonzaga is a beast, Jerramy Stephens done knocked that Brazil boy da-fuck out, and that was one druuuuuuuuuuuuuunk ass posting.

stanley cup of chowder said...

The greatest writers ever have been drunks. I am drunk and so are you...does that make us great writers? I think so. I'm a good writer. Your pretty good too. I like your work. I hope fmra didn't slit her wrists over the b's loss tonight/ I saw the end at the bar. WEAK! up 2-0 in the 3rd and they lose? Even alexander hamilton was better in shootouts...for all you history buffs. I guess they were due for a loss. UFC is lame. I prefer my fighters to be canadian and on ice...personal preference I guess.

SmartyBarrett said...

You thought your previous post was the best post ever? WRONG. You have out-done yourself again my friend.

/hip-hop hug

GranDude said...

Goddamn I need to move to Boston...

The A-Train said...

We decided that it wasn't spit that came flying out Anjos in the slow-mo replays, but rather eyeball juice.

That armbar Hazelett put in Hendricks was sick.

Thomas kept walking into armbars against Brown. He could have won the fight if he wasn't such a dumbass.

Riley vs. Gurgel was one of the best fights of the night IMO as it was two dudges just wailing on each other for 15 minutes. Awesome.

I'm hoping for re-match between Mir and Lesnar so we can see Lesnar pound Mir into nothing.

Rocco said...

1:09am and a thoroughly drunk post. Solid work.

And sorry, but you'll have to come to Buffalo for real wings.

Blake said...

Looks like Randy took a dive.
I don't believe it. But that is the way it looks. Please tell me that because of the angle of the video or some crazy thing only fighters know that Randy went down for reals.