Monday, November 10, 2008

New Patriots same as the old Patriots

Strap yourself in folks, the Patriots we can expect to see for the rest of the season has finally shown themselves. It appears, and it scares me to even think this, but Matt Cassel is going to be a serviceable QB in the NFL. He had another solid game at QB against a Buffalo defense that was decimated by injuries, but still not on the level of some of the NFL shit dwellers (I'm looking at you Detroit and St. Louis). It's pretty clear now that Cassel is not going to be Brady, hell if you expected him to be you deserve to be punched in the dick. But he is fitting into the system here at NE, he is controlling a high powered offense, making few mistakes, and moving the ball reasonable well. Lets look at all the teams that would pray to have Cassel than the atrocity they have starting at QB.

1. Jets- Brett Favre. Gutsy McGunslinger can't manage a game at all, winning games by chucking it downfield will beat the bad teams but in a playoff scenario he is going to lose 9 out of 10 times. Yes Matt Cassel is better than Favre, he can manage a game, not make big mistakes, and make good decisions. I read somewhere that Vagini is getting upset at Favre for failing to learn the offense, not even trying to manage the clock, and blowing up plays as soon as the ball is hiked. Best QB in history my ass.
2. Raiders- Walter/Black Ryan Leaf/Samoan Alphabet- My god if you watched the Raiders/Panthers game last night I feel sorry for you. There was like 9 turnovers, and no offense at all. This unholy trio of crap are pitiful. Matt Cassel isn't even in the same stratosphere as these losers.
3. 49ers- Alex Smith and JT O'Sullivan. Is Trent Dilfer willing to come back?
4. Minnesota Vikings- Gus Frerotte, better than the worst QB I think I have ever seen in Tavaris Jackson, but still turns the ball over far too frequently.
5. Buffalo Bills-
Trent Edwards. I think Edwards has a better career ahead of him than Cassel, but right now I would rather have Cassel. Edwards showed yesterday that when he gets flustered he makes bad passes, and like Cassel he is young and unpolished.
6. Seattle Seahawks- Now that Matt Hasselback is essentially deceased, the super hybrid Seneca Wallace is in charge of running this putrid offense. Looks like my pick that the Hawks would win the South was way off.
7. KC Chefs- Tyler Thigpen/ Damon Huard/ walk on QB who can throw a football.\
8. Detroit Lions- Daunte Culpepper/Drew Stanton. Easily the worst QB situation in football. The Fords would pray to get a hold of a guy like Cassel.
9. Bungals- Ryan Fitzpatrick should be filing my taxes for me, not running an offense. And if Cassel was running this offense, he would have gotten Ocho Cinco and TJ Housh much more involved then they are now.
10. Baltimore, Cleveland, and St. Louis.

So you see, with the offense lined up around him we just need a middle of the road QB who won't make big mistakes, but also don't expect plays either. As you saw yesterday, Cassel will try the big play but he still is unexperienced with bombing the ball (missing Moss in the endzone) He is much better than more than half of the QB's in the NFL, but being surrounded by super star players make the Pats as good as almost any other team we face. There was alot of good to be taken from yesterday's game. The corners played well, the defensive pressure continues to be fantastic, as the front line was tossing the Bills O-Line like a cheerleader's salad. Marshawn Lynch was not a factor at all in this game, and Lee Evans was invisible on the field. Weapons neutralized.

A few random thoughts:

* I know this is going to be unpopular with some, but please cut/release/trade Lawrence Maroney. We have had him for three years now and he has not been able to stay healthy for a complete season yet. I am not saying BJGE is going to be the answer (though he has looked really good), but the Pats need a RB that can play a whole season.
* Fuck. Adalius Thomas is done. Broken forearm, probably out for the season. Watching the game with Smarty Barrett, he heard forearm injury and says to me "He broke it, out for the season", eerily right on. Be prepared for Pierre Woods to be starting for the immediate future, balls man Thomas was THE playmaker in that linebacking core. Could a return of oft-injured Rosie Colvin be in the works?
* For all of you that wanted to throw Bill Belichick under the bus following last weekends loss to the Colts, please remember this. The Patriots are now 19-1 following a loss. That is good coaching at its best.

Up Next:

Lick your chops, our favorite Vicodin riddled QB is coming to the Razor on Thursday.


Rocco said...

I will give you that Cassel looked good yesterday, but Buffalo's D blows. Not sure how much of Edwards you've seen, but with no running game, mediocre pass protection, and only one decent receiver, he doesn't have much of a chance out there. That said, he hasn't shown he can play in cold/bad weather, so it's only gonna get worse.

/Santonio dick joke

SmartyBarrett said...

Walter/Black Ryan Leaf/Samoan Alphabet

Is Trent Dilfer willing to come back?
That would be awesome, so I don't have to listen to his unbelievably shitty analysis on ESPN. Seriously, I hope he dies.

Fuck. Adalius Thomas is done. Broken forearm, probably out for the season. Watching the game with Smarty Barrett, he heard forearm injury and says to me "He broke it, out for the season", eerily right on.
Yeah, checked the laptop at the bar (geek) and saw this, and I said something like "everyone is questionable with the Patriots. Brady was questionable. Guarantee he broke his arm and he's gone for the year."

Pepster said...

Tyler Thigpen/ Damon Huard/ walk on QB who can throw a football.

That walk-on QB is named Ingle Martin.

The A-Train said...

Buffalo was hurting on defense. Aaron Schobel being out has limited their pass rush a lot, and injuries in the secondary (Ashton Youboty and Donte Whitner) haven't exactly helped.

On offense, Josh Reed hasn't been around for those underneath routes, and James Hardy has looked...well, like a rookie WR from the Big Ten. He's not used to playing with DB's who are, you know, good and stuff. Also, Trent and him don't have very good chemistry it seems, with balls to Hardy constantly being off the mark.

Plus there were some bullshit penalties and the refs whiffed on the challenge of Wes Welker's 'catch' along the sideline early in the game.

Taking all of that aside, the Bills had some pretty bad play calling. Buffalo has a 1st and goal, runs and picks up six yards. two more runs up the gut and buffalo kicks a FG. No passing, play-action to a TE, or toss plays? Come on, you're 4 yards out, don't just run up the gut!

Also, the inability to capitalize on a turnover at mid-field was very frustrating.

Rocco said...

Sorry to highjack the comments, MH. The Bills have rarely had good playcalling. I thought Schoenert was going to be better, but it's not looking too good.

Even with Schobel, their pass rush is pathetic.

I don't know if Dick go the red flag on the field for the challenge; I didn't see a replay and the tv commentary was horrible.

What happened with the onside kick?

GHABB,Y~! said...

I appreciate you not besmirching the name of Sexy Rexy.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

I'm surprised you didn't say more about the officiating, Rocco and A-Train... it was pretty deplorable, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I have a meeting on a Sunday in November every year, so only saw the end of 4pm games and the every increasingly large Andy Reid and his awesome dual combination of play calling and apparently eating his way through last year's draft. No help for Westbrook has been my complaint for at least three years. Gah.

Rocco said...

I never blame the officiating for a loss. It's been bad league wide this year, so every team may as well be ready to bend over once or twice this season.